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Will a 1985 Chevy V6 engine and transmission fit into a 1983 Chevy V8 truck?


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2008-12-07 19:28:22
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Yes, if you are refuring to the 4.3L V6, Any Small Block GM Transmission will work with this Engine-Transmission combination. Also I do believe the Buick 3.8L V6 will work as well. Any other V6 will not work as a direct bolt in. But anything can be done as long as skill and finance allow.

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Yes, this engine and transmission combination will work fine in your truck. There are other things you should consider however, including what was in the truck before, was it a manual? An automatic? Will your existing drive shaft be the right length for the new TH350 trans? In 1983 the engine would be carburated, so be sure your crate engine is a carb engine. If your old engine was not a V8 you may need bigger fuel lines and sending units to feed the bigger engine. If it was originally a V8 it should be fine. there are lots of little details, but the basic answer to your question is yes, it is definitly O.k. In fact that was a factory setup for this truck so there should be no modifications needed to the truck, just be sure you have the correct supporting hardware. Radiator size, fuel lines etc. If your truck had a V8 it should be fine.

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