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It should bolt right up to a T-5 transmission.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-17 07:30:26
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Q: Will a 5 L motor bolt right up to a 1991 ford mustang 5 speed tranny?
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What 5 speed manual transmission is in a 1986 ford mustang gt?

Its called a t5 tranny.

Why does cooling fan on 1996 mustang gt not work right does not run on high speed when it should?

Fan blower motor?Hi-speed relay badSwitch?Motor winding bad

Will a 2002 mustang 5 speed transmission work in 1990 mustang?

Yes, You may have to change the tranny support and shorten the drive shaft but it will fit.

What made your speedometer quit working on your 1997 mustang cobra?

Most likely it is the vehicle speed sensor which is located on your tranny!

Where is speed sensor located on a 1998 eagle talon?

on top of the tranny but in the back of the motor hard to see and get to but you can

What size motor and what kind of transmission came out in the 1998 camaro rs?

3.8L V6 with either a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual tranny

Where is the governor in a 1990 Dodge Caravan 3 speed?

down on the tranny. 4-6" right of dipstik on tranny. look in chilton's chap 8. may be electrical.

Will a 1982 280zx tranny fit in a 1981 280zx?

Yes it will. Also if you have the 5-speed (borg-warner t-5), you can also use one out of an 80s Camero or foxbody Mustang.

Will a 1986 Ford Mustang GT 5 speed transmission fit into a 1988 LX 5.0?

Yes. The motor and transmission will fit but you will need to redo the front springs and possibly change motor mount locations. I have a 1988 mustang lx with a ford 460 sitting in it.

Blower not working properly on your mondeo changed motor still not working right?

Chack the speed control switch and the resistor that controls the speed of the motor

Can a 1980 ford 302 fit into a 65 mustang with a c4 tranny?

well......being you could get a 289 in a 1965 mustang new.....and a 302 is exactly the same size......exactly that a 289......then Of course it will fit!......a c4 tranny?....Most came with a C4....or a three or four speed standard. Its a simple bolt in installation if you have the V8 motormounts particular to the 65-67 mustang. You will also need the trans crossmember and that's about it......If I'm right in assuming the C4 you mention came from the 1980 302. If its from a six cylinder, you will need to change the six cylinder bellhousing for a 289/302 bellhousing. and that's it....have fun.

What is Top speed of an 2010 mustang gt?

The 2010 Mustang GT is speed limited by Ford at 149 MPH.

What is the top speed of the 1966 Ford Mustang?

The top speed for the 1966 Ford Mustang is around 150 to 170

What is the max speed of a p-51 mustang?

The max speed of a p-51 mustang is 437 mph.

What was the top speed of the P-51 mustang?

The max speed of a p-51 mustang is 437 mph.

Is the tranny in a Honda rincon good?

Yes it is. It is a 3 speed automotive style auto-tranny.

Where does the backup switch mount on a 4 speed in a 68 mustang?

Look on the drivers side of the tranny at the shifter linkage.You'll need to pop the kick-down cable off and then remove the two small bolts

What is the top speed of a 2009 Ford Mustang?

The top speed of the 2009 Ford Mustang (GT) is 145-155 mph.

Where wheel speed sensor on an olds intrigue?

there is none. the speed sensor is in the tranny

what is the approximate maximum speed of the Ford Mustang Boss 302 year 1969?

rotational speed

What transmission is in a Mustang?

The Mustang GT (2011 model) has a 6-speed manual transmission standard and a 6-speed automatic transmission optional. The 2010 Mustang GT had a 5-speed manual transmission standard and a 5-speed automatic transmission optional.

Why was the mustang built?

the mustang was built for speed and power it was the fastest car in the 60

How fast is the mustang v6?

The mustang v6's top speed is 160.

How much is a 2.5L Chevy iron duke engine w160xxx miles and a 5 speed tranny worth?

sorry but its not a high demand, low supply motor & transmission. where im from we can get them for about $100-150 for motor & $75 for tranny. i have 2 im currently selling locally, 1@67,000 miles for $150 & other 127,000 $125.

Do you get a mustang in need for speed underground?