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Answer to your question YES.Actualy a EGR valve doesn't reallystart working until you get up to higher speeds. At idel and slowerspeeds it's not active. So if something is wrong with it weatherit be EGR senser bad diaphragm orvacum hose the problem will showupat lower speeds and idle. It actually causes a vacum leak wichyou wouldn't notice at higher RPM's. It cuases your engine to run to lean making it run bad atlower RPM's. Hope this brings some light on this for ya.

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Q: Will a bad EGR make a 2001 Ford Taurus SES 6 cylinder stall at idle or slow speeds but seem OK at faster speeds?
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What would cause a 1999 Ford Taurus to stall?

Assuming that you aren't over-heating, check the fuel pump. My 1999 Taurus used to stall/ refuse to start when it was hot due to a faulty pump.

What causes a 97 Ford Taurus to stall?

A very low idle can cause a 97 Ford Taurus to stall. Another reason for stalling may be transmission bands sticking, which does not allow the transmission to come out of gear on idle.

What causes a 1988 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport to stall in overdrive at low speeds?

not downshifting.

455 trans am runs out of gas at high speeds and trys to stall?

put a bigger carb on it.

Can you stall or is it just harder to stall a manual car while driving at speeds over 40?

It depends on the gearing of the car. If you are in the highest gear and 40mph in that gear is under the idle rpm of that car than you will stall.

Why does my 84 Eurosport Celebrity stall at low speeds?

It sounds like your engine is not getting enough fuel.

How fast will the helicopters go in the future?

Not much faster. True helicopters are limited in airspeed. The helicopter blade can not fly faster than the speed of sound or it begins to flutter and even stall. The advancing blade has to go through the air faster than the retreating blade. The speed of the blade is the sum of the speed of the helicopter in forward flight plus(+) the rotational speed of the turning blades. If they can design a blade that will work at slow speeds and at speeds greater than Mach 1, then maybe they can build a faster helicopter.

What causes a Chevy 5.0 engine to stall at normal speeds?

Need to know the year and make, It would help answer.

Why does the 1993 Ford Taurus SHO stall when it comes to a complete stop?

Bad head gasket or weak fuel/ spark.

Why would a car only stall in reverse?

I'm no mechanic, BUT that happened on my Taurus when the fuel pump was not functioning properly. Best to take it in.

Why would a 1996 Ford Taurus stall when making a right turn?

If the engine runs cold you might try replacing the thermostat. I had a similar problem with a Plymouth van, at low rpms, turning corners,,, it would stall.

Why would your 94 stall for no reason?

The first thing I would try would be cleaning the throttle body with some carb and choke cleaner. When they get really dirty it can cause you to stall at slow speeds. On my 93 there is a Crank Shaft Position sensor. Mine started to melt and the jeep stalled at weired times for a week. If your jeep has a lock up solenoid in your tranny and its stuck on, then you will stall at stops Not sure about a 94, but my 2000 would stall while driving at highway speeds. Dealer replaced the oxygen sensor and it fixed the problem.

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