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Simple answer, yes. Simply move the flywheel, clutch disk, and pressure plate from the old engine to the new one.

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Q: Will a motor from an automatic paseo work for a manual paseo motor 5efe?
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What motor in 98 Toyota Paseo 5efe or 4efe?

All 98 Paseos were fitted with 5EFE engine apart from convertible auto which had a 4EFE

Hi will the turbo and exhaust manifold from a 4efte out of a starlet fit on a 4afe in a corolla thanks Chris?

No, It will only fit Toyota 4efe (starlet), 5efe(paseo), 5efhe(sera). 4afe is a different head.

What motors can you put in a 1991 toyta tercel?

3e-e, 5efe, 5efhe, 4efte, 3ete, will all bolt up and be the cheapest. a 4age, 4agze, or 3sgte will fit with some frame modifications. basically you can put in any motor that will fit in the engine bay if you got enough cash.

Is it necessary to break down the engine to replace the rear main seal on the Toyota 5EFE 1.5 liter engine?

you have to separate engine and transmission

How many miles to the gallon does a 1997 Toyota Tercel get?

Don't know about 97 but my 95 Tercel with 5EFE gets between 42 to 44 mpg

What Toyota engine use 25 mm valve shims?

toyota engines that use 25mm shims 4age 5efe 5sf3 3sfe 2vzfe 7mge 7mgte

What is the head bolt torque on a Toyota 5EFE cylinder head for 92-95 paseo?

IN - 8-6-1-3-9 EX - 10-4-2-5-7 The external bolts are longer than the internal bolts. The head bolts are tightened in 2 progressive steps. Apply a light coat of engine oil on the threads and under the heads of the bolts. Torque bolts down (in numerical order) to 33ft-lb Then... Tighten bolts (in numerical order) an extra 90 degrees.

What could be the cause of a loud clanking noise coming from 1992 Toyota Paseo?

Well, if the noise is coming from within the engine, it could be a piston rod. If it has ever run low on oil for an extended or cumulative amount of time - or sludge has built up in an oil port (low oil pressure), the crankshaft journal bearings will wear thin. My wife let this happen and the piston rod wound up cracking the block. Replacing a block is very expensive and time consuming. Also, there are no manuals available for Paseo's any more. However, there are forums available for Toyotas and the folks are generally very helpful. You can also look for information on a 5EFE engine. It could be something else, but that is where I would start looking immediately.

How do you turbo a 5efhe engine?

To turbo a 5efhe your best option would be to Forged roads for a normal 5efe Forged Piston's for a 4efte Manifold to suit a 4efte turbo to suit manifold Downpipe to suit turbo Oil sump and oil filter housing off a 4efte 4efte rocker cover and inlet (makes pipework easie) Use engine loom from a 4efte and ecu from a 4efte Gearbox and shaft are of the same size the 4efte shafts have bigger cv joints on them.. This is the basic there is loads more you can do for more power etc :) Hope this helps

What is the weakness of the 1992 Toyota poseo?

Weaknesses? I have owned a 92 with 297k miles, and a 94 219k miles. There are no weaknesses its a great (little) car. If anything the smallness on the inside would be your answer, but only if your somewhat big. But even that said, i have had 2-3 180lbs peps in back, and a 400lb dude in pass seat, and me drive, and not have any problems lmao!! Paseo's 1.5L 16V dohc, 5efe`s are great motors, extremely well built engines. Other than certain parts just getting to old and goin bad from extended use, nothing goes bad! Just take care of it, and it def takes care of you.

How do you change the oil located on a 1995 Toyota Tercel?

Warm engine. Jack passenger front from behind front wheel just enough to slide oil catch pan underneath .Be sure to slide jackstand underneath also (PLEASE).Oil pan is towards passenger side almost inline with tire it takes a 14mm wrench.Drain oil( Be careful its hot) and locate filter on front of engine just underneath exhaust manifold towards passerger side.You need to purchase or borrow a filter wrench that slides onto top of filter and uses a 3/8 ratchet with 1 in. extension ( A must).Replace filter reinstall oil drain plug.I had to make a gasket out of a piece if oil bottle to slide over drain plug to completely stop any leaks from drain plug.Remove jackstand and lower car,remove oilfiller cap on top of engine and fill with 3qts.of oil if engine is a 5EFE replace cap and start engine for a couple of minutes,shut engine off and check oil level on dipstick an underneath for leaks.I recommend if you are going to do this yourself go to a Toyota dealer and purchase a oil filter wrench , filter and oil.

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