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Flushing the radiator may help with the cooling problem but not necessarily make the engine run smoother. If it is a 6 cyliner engine check for a possible leaking lower intake manifold gasket. If the LIM gasket is bad, it may be leaking coolant into the oil and possibly into the cylinders. Also it may leak externally or it may leak internally. Go to for more info on this problem. If this is the case, it is a serious problem and you shouldn't drive the car until you get it fixed. I have owned these cars in one form or another since 1994 and the radiator leaves a lot to be desired. The radiator seems to clog very easily. So it requires a lot more maintenance that GM likes to admit. I have never had a problem with the thermostats and only had one water pump failure. I also have never had a problem with the fan but, like others have said, they should be checked as well GOOD LUCK!! Sometimes having the radiator flushed will help; however, it may be your themostat is sticking causing the motor to run hot. If this is the case, you should get a new themostat installed. Also check that the fan is running with the engine hot and in idle. The fans wear out may need replacement. It may also be the fan control circuit. I had that problem! Make sure your radiator cap is not missing the seal! Without the seal pressure is not kept in which will cause the engine to overheat! Simple problem, cheap fix!

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Q: Will having the radiator flushed make the engine run smoother and stop overheating on a 97 Pontiac Grand AM?
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Why is my 1992 dodge Dakota overheating during daytime?

Your truck is overheating because it needs a new radiator. I had the same problem, after I installed the new radiator and flushed out my remaining cooling system I never had a overheating problem since.

Why is your car still overheating I have changed my thermostat and flushed the radiator and the car is still overheating?

Either the water pump impeller is loose on it's shaft, or you have a leaking head gasket.

How do you flush the radiator in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix?

The radiator on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix is flushed by draining the coolant, filling the system with water, adding a liquid flush to the system, and running it for a few minutes. The system is then drained, flushed with fresh water, and refilled with coolant.

1993 ford explorer overheating flushed radiator no luck seems that thermostat is opening any suggestions?

Check the water pump

How do i know if i need to flush my radiator?

Engine overheating is a good indicator. Some people get them flushed regularly as part of regular maintenance.

DODGE 1992 RAM 350 cargo van overheating replaced thermostat flushed radiator and replaced cooling fan.?

Water pump defective.

Your 1988 Toyota Camry is overheating after having the pressure checked on the cooling system checked and the radiator flushed filled?

Bad thermostat maybe?

95 Pontiac sunfire overheats and motor shuts off but the radio and things still work coolant boils out of the radiator and just got a new engine why?

The radiator may have debris that needs to be flushed out.

What is wrong when the heater in your 2005 Pontiac grand prix doesn't work thermostat been replaced radiator flushed still doesn't work?

you must be a wierdo.stupid.

Why is your 1967 Dodge Dart 6 cyl 225 overheating Ive changed the thermostat and gasket the water pump and gasket changed the radiator hoses and it still overheats?

you probably need a new radiator and get the engine back flushed while your at it.

Why is my 1994 Grand Am SE overheating after the thermostat was replaced and radiator flushed?

Low coolant? System air bound? Hoses collapsing under pressure? Water pump not circulating coolant?

When should the radiator be flushed for the first time?

The manufacturer recommends flushing the radiator every 30,000 miles. The radiator should be flushed once every two years regardless of the miles.

How do you clean a dirty radiator?

you need to have it flushed

You accidentally poured motor oil in your radiator?

You need to have the radiator flushed immediately

Your 1998 SR5 Toyota 4 cylinder 4x4 4 runner manuel trans is overheating you have flushed the radiator and the water pump is fine temp gage is out fan is working please help?

How do you know it is overheating if you have taken the temperature gauge out? Facetiousness aside, it might be worth checking the thermostat switch that stops water circulating to the radiator when the engine is cold.

Your husband flushed out the radiator and filled up with new antifreeze and it is now overheating and never did that before what do you do now Help?

Is it at the correct fill level ? If the radiator is old it is possible some corrosion has blocked up soemwhere and the radiator may need anther draining and flush through with water till it clears out.

My'95 Saturn SC1 was overheating all the oil was in the radiator no water was in the oil I flushed it however the oil continues to build in the radiator Is this a head gasket problem?

sounds like you have a cracked head or cracked block.however, i would check to make sure it is not transmission oil and thereby ruling out a radiator problem

How do you completely drain a Pontiac 350 cooling system?

take out the hose out of the radiator. then put a hose in the radiator hose, and let the car run with the heat on. it will take about 10 minutes. the coolant will be coming out of the radiator. then once the radiatior is leaking clear, you can put the hose back on, because it is flushed out.

How do flush radiator in 1999 cougar?

The radiator on a 1999 Mercury Cougar is flushed by draining the radiator, filling it with water, and adding a commercially available radiator flush. The engine is allowed to circulate for 10 minutes, drained, flushed with fresh water, and refilled with coolant.

What could it be you've replaced the thermostat fan and motor and your contour is still overheating 1997 2.0 DOC. System was flushed as well.?

It could be a clogged radiator or cracked head or bad head gasket.

Why would your 1996 Ford Winstar still be overheating with no hot air blowing when you just had thermostat replaced twice and radiator flushed?

could be the water pump That is a typical symptom of an air lock in the cooling system

Your 2000 elantra has done 160k and just this week the water in the radiator has started boiling and the temperature is almost hitting red can it be the thermostate the radiator or the head gasket?

I would start at the thermostat. Problems with the radiator and head gaskets are usually presented as visual leaks. But clogged passages in the radiator would also cause overheating issues, so have the cooling system flushed.

How do you flush 98 Buick century radiator?

The radiator on a 98 Buick Century is flushed by turning the petcock to drain the coolant. Water is then flushed through the system until all contaminants are removed.

What could cause radiator to not drain?

Sediment blockage. You need to have your radiator power flushed to get all the build-up out.

What do you do when your 1997 v6 firebird is overheating after you have replaced the thermostat pump cap and flushed radiator?

If it has electric fans, make sure they are coming on when it get's hot. If not, then check the fuses and relays for them and power to the fans. Might just be a relay for the fans.