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technically it should bolt up but the computer wont recognize the tranny because the wiring is diferent.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-16 19:21:56
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Q: Will the automatic transmission in a 91 v6 bolt up to a 97 v6 Firebird?
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What automatic transmission fits 91 firebird V8?


Where is the speed sensor located on a 91 firebird?

on the transmission tailshaft housing

Will a 78 350 motor bolt to a 91 HM290 transmission?

Yes it will.

What engines are compatible with a 91 firebird?

Any size SBC engine will fit and is compatible with a 91 Firebird. A 350 engine is the most common that is used for installing in a 91 Firebird.

Where is the 2nd gear switch located on a 91 Buick Regal?

Is this an automatic transmission?

How do you change a manual transmission over to an automatic in a 1991?

Sell '91 Metro manual. Purchase '91 Metro automatic. You'll be less than $500 out of pocket which is a lot less than a serviceable automatic will cost.

Will the wire harness on a standard transmission work with an automatic transmission in a 91 Mercury Capri?

yes it will i just had an automatic engine installed in my manuel car. and used the old harness

What type of automatic transmission came with 91 camaro rs 305 tbi?


What can you replace a A4LD automatic transmission with?

if you're looking to replace your automatic with manual the only option is the 91-94 Mazda Navajo's manual.

How do you bolt a 91 Chevy 305 transfer case to a Chevy 350 transmission?

with bolts and tighten

How do you install a transmission mount on a 91 camaro rs?

Begin by loosening your 1991 Chevy Camaro transmission mount bolt. Jack the transmission up a few inches. Remove the transmission mount bolt and the transmission mount bushing. Put the new transmission mount bushing in and reverse the process.

What type of transmission fluid in 91 s10?

Remove the dipstick from the automatic transmission dipstick tube and read it. It will tell you what type of ATF to use.

Is there a online site where you can find a free diagram for an automatic transmission in your 91 Escort Gt?


Where is the automatic transmission dipstick for a 91 acura integra?

right under your distributor down a little lower.

What kind of transmission fluid do you put in your 91 Ford Explorer?

On a 1991 Ford Explorer : The A4LD automatic transmission uses MERCON automatic transmission fluid according to my Haynes Ford Explorer repair manual * the type of fluid used should be engraved into the automatic transmission fluid level dipstick

Where is dipstick transmission 91 Acura Integra?

..If it is stickshift it doesnot have a dipstick...AUTOMATIC HAS ONE RIGHT BELOW THE DIST....

Will a a000 transmission bolt into a 1991 Honda civic hatchback?

Yes it bolts right up! A000 is dx,lx transmission 88-91 civic. A better option is a B000 transmission which is a si,ex transmission off 88-91 civic, it has shorter gears for more performance.

Will a integra 90-91 integra transmission bolt up to a 92 integra?

ya its always 90 to 93

Gas milage Pontiac 1991 Firebird?

I calc'ed my '91 V8 Formula Firebird to be about 18 mpg.

Where is the back up light switch for 91 Probe LX 3L with automatic transmission located?

behind brake pedal

What type trans mission fluid for a 91 corolla?

For the automatic transmission, Castrol Import Multi-car ATF or similar.

Does 91 Pontiac firebird have 3rd gen?

A firebird can't "have" third gen. It either is or is not a third generation firebird, and Yes, a 1991 is a third generation.

How many bolts holds your transmission to your motor 91 acura integra?

i think 6 with the long 14" starter bolt

What type of transmission fluid does a 1995 ford bronco use?

It all depends on the type of transmission the truck has, if it is manual than manual transmission fluid is used where if it is automatic, automatic transmission fluid is used Not always, my 91 302 with a 5 speed manual uses auto fluid, a lot of manuals do.

Did all 1991 fire birds come with manual transmissions only?

No. By '91 the automatic transmission should have been more common.