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Will the betta eggs die if the male betta finds them?

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Actually, with bettas it's the male that cared for the bubble nest rather than the female. You should leave the male with the nest and separate the female.

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how to take care of egg when fighter fish male die

I am not certain but here is some information it will probably die but this will usually happen when your male betta fish is caring for the eggs because the betta is scared it might do an accident and eat one of its eggs instead of the betta foods that you give it

No, they do not die. Obviously...

The male will protect, tend, and clean the eggs after they have been laid. It's best to remove the female right after mating and the male after the babies are free swimming (3 or so days). The female will die if she is left in there and you could risk loosing your babies. Also after the baby's have hatched remove them from harm of the female or male. They will both tend to eat the fry's, or baby's.

If you place a female betta where she can see a male, you'll notice that she will get a large bump on her abdomen (right under her gills.) These are eggs that she will normally release on her own. Most females produce eggs on a regular basis, but if they're next to a male, they produce more. I wouldn't recommend breeding bettas though, unless you do a ton of research first, (if you just throw them together, one will typically kill or horribly injure the other.)I would also not recommend leaving the female near a male as she can become egg bound and potentially die.

A 3 year old male Betta is a very old fish. Most die at around 30 months or so.

you cant put men betta fish with another betta fish cause they will fight till they die so no mabe girl betta fish if they like the men betta fish put not men betta fish only girl good luck

It is not normal for a female Betta splendens to die after spawning. In the wild the female would swim away and leave the male to look after the nest and its contents. When bred in a small aquarium that is not possible so the female should be removed before the male kills her.

its a bubblenest .. its where the female bettafish keeps her eggs

i guess the eggs will just die if the eggs are white they have died

Yes, their egg sacs contain hundreds of eggs. Before they lay their eggs they will eat the male (go figure). Then, after they lay their eggs they will die.

the female dragonfly will sometimes submerge herself while laying her eggs. the male may just find a plase and die. the female dragonfly will sometimes submerge herself while laying her eggs. the male may just find a plase and die.

Normally a butterfly lays about 100 eggs. From those 100 eggs, only 2% survive. The survivors are a male and a female. The others will die in their eggs, as larva, as caterpillars, or as butterflies. Then when a male and a female meet, they mate, and the female lays her 100 eggs. then everything starts over.

not sure butif you do get budgies dont put a a male and a male and a female together one male will eat the male then it will eat the female and then it will eat the eggs and then it will die.

Separate them or one will die. as the man says " keep them separated". Sex is good but not that

it will be sick but if it continues then your betta will die.

Each time a Betta flares and puts on a display it is reputed to shorten his lifespan. I would not advise anyone to place a mirror permanently in view of a male Betta because the fish would obviously feel under constant threat and could easily die from stress.

It might, depends on what kind of Betta food you give it.

Male honeybees do not have babies. The insects in question (Apis spp) does not produce eggs but instead mates with their colony's queen. All queens in all honeybee colonies will be capable of producing fertilized eggs with male before the drones die and unfertilized eggs through virgin births (parthenogenesis).

I believe you mean Betta fish. No, it should be fine. You can treat you Betta fish by giving them bloodworms!

If they are unhealthy or have constipation

You really can't put any other fish with a betta, not even its own kinds. Sure the betta is a fighting fish, but the other fish in your tank will rip the fins off of him. My dad had tat happen once to him. If you are wanting to breed bettas, the female cannot stay in the tank with the male very long. The male will stress her out so much that she will die. Sources: Petco and Petsmart Store

Do not, no matter what put a goldfish and a betta together unless you want the goldfish to die!!!

If you don't feed your betta for a whole day, then it will get starved, and probably die.

Betta are airbreathers. So long as the ammonia and nitrates are okay, you don't need filters on a Betta tank.

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