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No you will not lose your butt. If you are seeing the weight coming off ther then try walking at a steep incline this will help you butt muscles work harder keeping them nice and toned.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 18:29:47
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Q: Will you lose your butt if you use a treadmill for slow walking?
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Does walking slow at a high incline slim thighs and butt or gain muscles?

You would gain muscle faster than you would lose weight.

Why Jack moving so slow?

Jack moving so slow, because he wants in the group and he wants go the fast treadmill walking.

How many calories do you burn on treadmill for 1 hour?

It depends on the speed that you are going at if you are going fast then you will burn lots of calories if you go slow then you will burn a little bit for example(walking speed)

Is it important to have a large motor in a treadmill designed for frequent use?

It depends upon who is using the treadmill and for what they are using. It makes a difference whether it is a heavy man using it for running or a light woman using it for slow walking. Therefore, the key factor is not frequency of use but the kind of use it will be given.

How many calories do you burn walking a dog?

If you weight 131 to 155 lbs: Slow Pace: 176 Mod. Pace/Walking a Dog: 246 If you weigh between 156 to 190 lbs: Slow Pace: 216 Mod. Pace/Walking a Dog: 302 The more that you weigh, the more cals. you lose. The less you weigh, the less cals. you use.

What is as slow as a cow?

a person walking

How do you walking slow in vice city?

You can walk slow by using cheat booooooring.

Which animal can run slow?

Eventually slow running turns into walking. All animals can do that.

I read wikipedia risk of mortality and am wonder about mortality does it state walking slow lowers risk of mortality or fast?

Walking slow lowers risk mortality than walking fast as according to Wikipedia.

Is a lion slow or fast moving?

A lion is slow and fast because, when it is just walking it is slow but when it is hunting it is super fast.

What is the Scots Gaelic for 'slow'?

In Scottish Gaelic: slaodach e.g tha thu a coiseach ro shlaodach (you are walking to slow)

Could largo be considered walking tempo?

Not really - large is "slow". Andante is "at an easy walking pace".

How do you lose weight without it being obvious?

lose it at a very slow rate

A person who is walking?

a slow faty kid who cant run

What running is good for heart patient?

slow and speedy walking

What is a example of a metaphor for the word slow?

Ron was a slow snail walking across the track with everyone passing him.

Is walking a cardiovascular exercises?

Fast walking is cardiovascular exercise. Normal walking is called as exertion. Fast walking consumes more calories than slow jogging per mile.

What is a leisurely gait?

Leisurely means slow or unhurried, and gait is a term for the way a horse walks, and is sometimes applied to human walking. So a leisurely gait is a slow pace of riding or walking.

Do they make treadmills you can put a laptop on?

Yes. One doctor has even gone so far as to design a desk-treadmill to allow workers to work while walking at a slow pace- over the course of an eight hour workday, all that added exercise can really add up.

Can you refreeze pork butt after you make it into links?

yes, I have slow cooked pork butt, shredded it and frozen it. It comes back fine, if slowly thawed

What are five types of walking?

slow,fast, carefully, not careful, on the toes

Can stomach pain causes nervousness and slow walking?

of course not haha.

How much weight do you lose walking your dog?

Well, it depends on a few things. If you're taking long walks that are very fast-paced, then you would lose more weight than a slow and short walk. Also, you will likely not burn any weight if you have just eaten beforehand.

What does lento andante mean?

It means slow (lento) walking (andante) so slowly at a walking pace and rhythm Hope I helped

Why do you get more tired running then walking?

Because more of our calories get burned and that too rapidly whereas this process is slow while walking.