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Not for fitment issues but the WRX tranny is considerably weaker than the STi tranny and the extra power from the STi engine stands a good chance of causing a failure in the WRX tranny (especially the weak 2nd gear).

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Is a 350ci an easy engine swap for 305ci in 1989 RS engine mounts and tranny mount is your concern?

it is a fairly simple swap motor mounts should be the same you can use the same tranny if you like or not mounts are the same

Can swap a 99 Camaro V6 Engine for an LS1 or LS3 engine?

Only if you also swap out the transmission because of the gear ratio in a v6 tranny is lower causing your engine to rev high

Can you swap an automatic camshaft into a 5 speed engine from 1999 vw passat both AEB engine codes?

automatic or manual doesnt matter because that's talking about the tranny. ONLY swap a camshaft if its the EXACTsame engine.

Swap 2.2 for a 4.3 in a 1996 sanoma?

absolutely,as long as you change the motor mounts,and the tranny will bolt up,thats all you need,also,you will need the engine computer for the v6 engine to put in the truck,unless your going with a carbureted engine,then you don't need a ecm(encine control module)(computer)

How do you install a small block Chevy 350 into a 97' Toyota T100?

find a 350, build mounts to mount the engine, find a tranny for it, and install. only.. if the engine fits in the first place, and if you need to ask, you should probably find someone that has done this swap (if its possible) or has experience with 350's find a 350, build mounts to mount the engine, find a tranny for it, and install. only.. if the engine fits in the first place, and if you need to ask, you should probably find someone that has done this swap (if its possible) or has experience with 350's

Where can you find step by step for an engine swap on an 84 fiero?

First get a manual. Second, what type of engine do you want to swap in? If it is not a direct swap you will need to get harnesses and wiring to do it. If you want a v8 you will need to contact v8archie to get a kit.

Will a 2jz-gte engine work in a 1988 Toyota supra non-turbo and what tranny work with it?

yes it will, u have to do a full engine swap and get all the parts for it

What engine can you put in a 1995 subaru impreza?

i put a ej20 turbo out of a 02 wrx in mine and it worked out great for me make sure you swap the tranny as well its much stronger than the tranny in a 95 impreza l unless yours is only fwd then you will have to use your tranny

Will a 350 Pontiac motor fit in a 1980 cutlass supreme?

Will it fit...Yes. But it will take a little work. You'll need to change the engine/frame mounts. If it has an Olds engine now, you will be able to use the tranny. It'll bolt right up. The exhaust will not be a direct swap.

Can you replace a 1.8L engine in a 1993 eclipse with a 2.0 from a 2000 eclipse?

not with out alot of work. the most common swap would be a 4g63 turbo 2.9L from a 1993 eclipse, and with that swap you will need: -ecu -tranny -axels -motor mounts and a few others. would prolly be better off buying a new car

What all do you need to do to swap a 4 cylinder engine to a 6 cylinder engine in a 1991 jeep wrangler?

first off you need a 4.0litre engine, go with a high output one from a 93 or 94 if you can find it, engine mounts are different along with a tranny, transfer case, beef up the drivelines and axels when you do it as well, wiring harness, look for a "totalled" jeep Cherokee with the same specs as your wrangler, ie automatic or manual tsnamissions, and find one with a tranny transfer case and engine in a triple combo, check em all out for the goods then swap it over, might take the axles and drivelines from that same jeep you got the triple combo out of too if they are salvagable. good luck youre gonna need some time.

What does it take to swap a 2.5 motor from a 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ to a newer 2.5 motor from a 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ?

complete engine, wiring harness, and computers. you may also need the tranny if they are different because the computer needs to connect to the tranny as well and won't work properly if they're different.

Why does the speedometer not read on a 1991 camaro rs after an engine swap from 3.1 to 305?

u might need 2 change da speed sensor which is located on da tranny on da left side or u might need 2 jus reset da computer.

Will a Hyundai Tiburon engine bolt into a Hyundai Accent?

It is possible, some minor tweaking is necessary to make the engine mounts fit and also the drive axles but it is a fairly simple swap, you can even use the accent's tranny with the tib's engine. Also you will need to use the ECU that comes with the tiburon engine since the accent's ECU will not work with the 2.0 litre engine.

Will a D15B2 5 speed tranny work in a 90 Honda CRX si with a 1.6 liter engine without having to do any extra modifications- I want to make sure that this tranny will be a clean swap with the old?

If you have the D16 Engine then any D-series 5-speed transmissions will work.

Engine swap 237 to 305 What wires do you need to connect to start the engine?

mechanical fuel pump or electric?

Can you switch the engine from your 1990 auto tracker with your 1994 tracker with a stick shift striaght across without any mods?

I don't know about the years in questions, but in regards to a straight swap, the answer is no. Since you are going from Auto to Manual, you also have to swap the tranny.

How do you swap fiero 86 tranny automatic to manual?

Because of the number of parts for clutches, linkage, and clutch hydraulics I recomend you buy a manual car and swap the pars from one to the other. I have done V8 engine swaps easier than this is going to be.

99 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2 to 3.5 engine swap do you need to swap the ecm as well?

no works just fine with the 3.2 ecu

Is it possible to do a plug and play tranny swap between a 91 astro van and 95 safari van?

no you can not, the 95 tranny is computer controlled

Would a 4g63t engine fit into a 1995 Hyundai Accent with current gearbox or a complete engine and gearbox swop?

You need to swap the engine and the tranny, use the mounts from the engine mounts from the accent, but the top mount has to come from an elantra 1.8L also, use the computer and wiring harness for the 4g63t. I put a 4g63 in a colt, basically the same car, goes like snot!

1992 grand prix se can you chage parts with a 1 1992 grand am?

It depends on what part you need to swap out. If its something to do with the engine/tranny you should be able to. As far as the rest of the car, A local salvage yard or dealer may be able to tell you if it will interchange.

What also needs to be swapped when you swap the engine from a 1996 240sx to a 1990 240sx?

You will need a new ECU(computer). Possibly new motor mounts. You will probably have to bring the tranny from the other car as well. go to You will surely be able to find all the answer there.

What engine tranny upgrade swap can you do that will fit with no problems in a 1983 Honda Civic Wagon 15L w2 speed auto?

You are probably best off to stick with another 83 tranny. However, if you cannot, check with a wrecking yard that works with Honda's a lot. They have interchange books that can give you the information you want. From personal experience (I owned an 82 Prelude and an 84 CRX), Honda changed a lot of things every year in the early 80's, and it may not be possible to do a simple tranny swap. You may have to change the engine and transmission as a unit.

Can you swap a 1997 Nissan Sentra engine?

Vvl swap