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Yes! And sex between a 20 yr old and a 17 yr old is statutory rape. He could be prosecuted with out your pressing charges if the D.A. decides to do so after they find out about his citizenship. The best thing to do is to say you don't know who the father is and put your last name on the birth certifacate until you are old enough to get married and rectify the birth certificate (If he is granted a Visa or green card). Sometimes if an illegal alien marries a citizen and has a child and lives here then they will allow him to have citizenship. * States establish AOC laws, those laws determine the age at which a minor can consent to sexual relationship, therefore the 17-year-old might be of the age of consent and a criminal offense would not apply. A minor child who is brought to the US by their parents or relatives is known as a "special case", because the minor did not choose to enter the US illegally. They are not automatically deported unless they have committed a criminal act. It would have been in the person's best interest to contact the USCIS when he reached 18, in lieu of that he should consider obtaining advice from an attorney qualified in Immigration issues. Visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website for information, or US Immigration Support,

2006-09-15 00:56:45
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Q: Would a 20-year-old who was brought to the US by his parents as a 3-year-old be deported if his 17-year-old girlfriend who is a US citizen is pregnant?
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