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Would a defective thermostat on a 1993 GEO Prizm cause low readings on the temperature gauge and little heat in the car?


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2005-07-29 12:48:19
2005-07-29 12:48:19

Yes! Thermostat stuck open. Replace thermostat. It could, but the thermostat is normally open when the engine is warm so you should only notice this when the engine is cold or warming up.


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Broken thermostat. Common Chrysler problem. Replace the thermostat.

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1. Celsius and Kelvin scale are used for all low & high temperature readings. 2.Fahrenheit is mostly used for low temperatures in clinical thermometers or a little lower or higher temperature readings

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One of these things is the cause. Thermostat stuck open, replace it. Heater core stopped up, backflush the hearter core, and service the cooling system. Heater temperature control valve defective, replace it.

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NO is the answer. But ponder this. The thermostat works because as the temperature in its base gets hotter it opens and allows hot water to move into the radiator where it cools and goes back to the engine. Transfer of heat and all. But if there is a bad or defective water pump then the hot water does not get there to open the valve and the engine over heats. Too little water can also do the same thing. Is there a problem you are having specficially?

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It's in the thermostat housing between the actual thermostat and heater hose. Has a little insulated wire coming out of it.

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