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Would bypassing the heater core hoses on a 92 Taurus be safe for the engine?


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This Would Not Allow Heat Inside The Car. And Would Not Damage The Engine. If You Bypass The Heater Core You Have No Heat. The Heat Comes From Yhe Water Flowing Through It From The Engine. Its Winter Try To Have The Heater Core Repaired Or Replaced. the heater core is the only thing that provides heat to the inside of your car so bypassing it would leave you cold but it will not hurt the engine as long as you couple the two hoses together


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won't hurt it, you'll just lose defrost and heat inside the vehicle.

Yes there is, look under your front license plate, or where one would be if they aren't required in your state. Then go right, there should be a flip open cap covering a plug for the block heater there.That is if your vehicle has one installed - not all Taurus/Sables have an engine block heater.

I'm not a mechanic / technician but your engine temperature gauge would indicate that the engine is running cooler than it usually would , the heat from your heater wouldn't be as hot , the gas mileage would be poorer , your check engine light may come on

what would cause a no start condition when engine spins in a 95 taurus sho 3.2l

The outlet from the 350 engine to feed the heater core would be the one closest to the thermostat.

A block heater for that vehicle would be an option. If it came equipped with a block heater the cord would be found close to the battery.

It can do far worse, such as destroy your engine block. I wouldn't worry about your heater core, I would worry about your Engine.

I am very sorry. I was under the impression that if I go to the address bar and ask a question. The answer would be right forecoming. I only asked how to replace the heater core on a 2000 ford taurus. And received only run-arounds.

AnswerBad thermostat, clogged heater core, or a defective heater control switch. If an engine has not been running long it will not have warmed up, the warmth from a car heater usually comes from the engine.

check heater core could be cloggedCheck the engine coolant level also.*no, the heater relies on the engine for heat and when you drive the engine warms generating heat:)*

More than likely it would. Check to make sure the engines are the same size and it should fit.

The spark plug gap for a 1990 Ford Taurus 3.0L engine should be set at .044 inches. A 4.2 liter engine would have a gap between .052 and .056 inches.

Plugged heater core. Faulty temp blend door mechanism.

first, an engine heater has to have been installed on the vehicle. if the car did have an engine heater installed in it, most newer vehicles would have had a soft plug heater put in. soft plugs are located on the side of the engine block. they knock that plug out and install a heater in it. look for any ac wire( it will look like a three prong plug on any of your household appliances) in the engine compartment.

In a 1999 Ford Taurus : The 3.0 liter " Vulcan " V6 engine which is an overhead valve / pushrod design would have cast iron heads The 3.0 liter " Duratec " V6 engine would have aluminum heads

I believe that would be the 3.2 liter DOHC V6 engine that was used with the automatic( from 1993 to 1995 inclusive ) unless you mean the 2010 Taurus SHO with the 3.5 L -V6 - twin turbo engine

Your heater is powered by your heater core. Your engine coolant runs through your engine gets hot, runs through the core heats the air, then back out to radiator. You probably need to replace your heater core.

The 2005 Ford Taurus Owner Guide shows to use ( 5W-20 engine oil ) * that would be all year *

Do you mean that your heater core is leaking coolant ? That would mean that the heater core is clogged. The heater core is like a mini-rad, if it is clogged it leaks.AnswerNo, there is not an overflow tube/outlet on the heater core.See "Related Questions" below for more about Taurus / Sable heating/cooling systems.

It will fit into the engine bay, but the wiring is different from early model third generation Taurii to late model third gens, so an electrical conversion would be required.

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