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Sure AWD is a great feature for a new driver to have especially in MN. Because with AWD the driver doesn't have to decide whether or not the conditions are bad enough to put the vehicle in four wheel drive. Because the AWD system puts itself into four wheel when it senses it needs to be, this happens instantly, then takes itself out when it feels it safe to. Another thing AWD is good to have is there are times when you would never put your car in four wheel but wish you could for help staring from a stop or going around cruves on the highway when its raining out. I live in MN and I've driven front wheel, 4x4, and AWD and the best by far is the AWD. Another way to go might be a front wheel drive car with traction control. Traction conrol kind of acts like a AWD.

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Q: Would it be important for a new driver to have an AWD vehicle in Minnesota?
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