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yes even greater chance if you use the e brake

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โˆ™ 2005-01-15 20:51:06
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Q: Would washing a car and subsequent freezing temperatures cause a rear wheel to freeze and not turn?
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What is the freezing point of washing-up liquid?

It Does Not Freeze!

Will LCD screens freeze at below freezing temperatures?


Why does antifreeze freeze?

Depending on the kind of antifreeze it is, it will freeze at different temperatures. If it is strait antifreeze it will not freeze until very cold temperatures, but if it is 50/50 or if you add water to it, it will have a higher freezing point.

What temperature does alcohol freeze?

There are several different kinds of alcohol and these freeze at different temperatures.

Does the type of liquid affect the time it take to freeze?

yes different liquids have different freezing temperatures

Is freezing point of rainwater and seawater same?

No. Seawater is salty, and will freeze at cooler temperatures than freshwater.

At what temperature does gasoline freeze?

Freezing point for gasoline is around -40 °C to -60 °C Gasoline is a cocktail of various hydrocarbons with different freezing temperatures.

What is the freezing temperature of water in degrees Celsius?

The freezing temperature of pure water at standard pressure is 0oC. Other substances freeze at other temperatures, of course.

Does something freeze and melt at the same temp?

yes it is true. Melting point and Freezing point are same temperatures

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Definitely temperatures of 0°C/32°F and below will kill you. This is because water, which comprises the majority of the human body, begins to freeze and crystallize at freezing temperatures. Furthermore it is not possible to freeze a living person, and thaw them back to life. Because of the aforementioned freezing crystallization, living cell tissue is fatally damaged. non-freezing cold temperatures are subjective based on many different factors.

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Red bull does not freeze under normal freezer temperatures. It will get bulbs of loose crystals, but it is far from freezing. It does not go solid. I do not know why though.

How do different temperatures affect water?

If the water is hot, (at boiling point) it will boil, if the water is cold, ( at freezing point) it will freeze.

What causes the engine block to crack?

Lack of anti-freeze in sub-freezing temperatures. The water in the block freezes and expands.

What is the present tense of freeze?

the word freeze is already in present tense. i am going to freeze this, it could also be freezing i am freezing Also Verb: to freeze, is freezing Adj: is frozen

Why did the water freeze at antarctica?

Water freezes when the temperature reaches the freezing point -- everywhere on earth. Antarctica is cold, and generally the temperatures register below the freezing point of water.

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I am freezingWe/You/They are freezingHe/She/It is freezing

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of Freeze, Tending to freeze; for freezing; hence, cold or distant in manner.

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freezing is the adjective of freeze

What is the verbs of freeze?


Is freezing a noun?

ADJECTIVE: "Tropical birds can't survive freezingtemperatures."NOUN: "I might go out tomorrow, but not if it goes below freezing again."VERB, to freeze: "The experiment involves freezing the carbon dioxide gas until it goes solid and turns into dry ice."

Why did the milk freeze faster than kool-aid?

Different liquids have different freezing temperatures. In this case, the milk has a higher freezing temperature than the kool-aid. Thus, it freezes faster.

What is global freezing?

Global freezing is the process by which the temperatures across the planet drop to the power where surface water begins to freeze. This is commonly associated with an Ice Age but can also result from extreme atmospheric changes.

Does dish washing soap freeze?

Due to recent experience, some brands of dish washing soap will separate and then thicken as temperatures drop. They return to original state as temperatures rise. Others brands are unaffected. Ice crystals did not form with any of the brands involved.

What temperature does metal freeze?

I believe it depends on the alloy of metal. Different alloys melt at different temperatures and i define "freezing" as when the metal becomes solid.

How do Antarctic fish survive in freezing waters?

The water doesn't actually freeze, it remains liquid. They just evolved to handle very cold temperatures.