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Most if not all states do not allow Felons to own or carry firearms for any purpose. Rather than ask that question here, you would be far better informed if you were to ask your parole officer and if he says it's ok, get it in writing so that in case you're stopped for something unrelated, the police officer won't arrest you.

While it seems very unfair to you, recognize that the law only looks at statistics. According to statistics, former offenders are far more likely to offend again. By keeping firearms out of the hands of felons, the legal system hopes to reduce temptation and if a convicted felon is unable to live by that simple law it is far easier to lock him up again. Many regulations regarding felons are in place to see if a felon has learned how to live in society. Good luck, but be very careful and don't violate.

While I agree with the above statements it is useful to know that by US Code Title 18, black powder weapons are considered "antique firearms" (in most configurations) and not "firearms" and they are regulated differently. Though for any one on probation for any reason should consult with their parole officer for further advice so you don't violate the terms of your release. Everyone else not sure if it is legal to own any kind of weapon you should consult your local prosecutor of a lawyer familiar with the local gun laws.

2011-09-13 19:03:19
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