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are you sure it was flywheel ? one flywheel is all there is on a vehicle now you may have been told different size flywheel,or they have meant a double clutch, but u sure do not need and i have never seen or heard of 2 flywheels

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Have you had problems with Ford Mondeo diesel flywheels?

Yes. I've a 2004 mondeo tdci and the dual mass flywheel went at 110,000 miles. It began with starter problems -sometimes working, sometimes not engaging. There was a build up of dust on the starter cog from the disintigrating flywheel. It cost about £650 to replace (including clutch) have had the same problem and had to replace the flywheel and clutch.. after 65000 miles..mechanic was not impressed with the mondeo flywheel and replaced it with a passat part

What is flywheel placement for 93 dodge turbo diesel?

Flywheel is bolted to the rear of the crank shaft and the clutch mounts to it, to connect the manual trans. to the motor.

How do you replace a clutch cable fork on an Escort 1.8 diesel?

To replace a clutch cable fork on an Escort 1.85 diesel, first lift the clutch pedal to release the adjuster mechanism. Pull the cable through and hook the clutch cable fork.

Why is your 2001 Ford F-250 7.3Lt diesel flywheel clutch pressure plate going out?

Because it was overused.

How do you install a transmission clutch on a f250 diesel 7.3 l?

not a job for the non mechanical person first you chock wheels on vehicle next remove driveshaft disconect clutch cylander fluid line you then need to use a jack to support rear of engine remove gearbox from vehicle usually need a transmission jack to do this next u then remove clutch from flywheel on rear of engine then check flywheel for cracks as this may need replacing as well if flywheel is good, u then install new cluch, u will need an aligning tool to lign up clutch with flywheel and to support while installing bolts,be sure to tighten bolts in proper sequence now is also a good time to replace clutch slave cylander then you need to bleed the cylanders replace drive saft also a good time to check and replace U joints if needed

Your vw golf 1.9 diesel is making a clicking noise when you change gears and it seems like its coming from the clutch?

That is your clutch flywheel going, basically you need a whole new clutch system which is very expensive, the clicks will get more loud and more frequent

Why is the rover 75 clutch pedal hard to push down?

They're all like that, especially the Diesel. It's not bad when new but gets worse as the clutch wears. If it judders as well it may be contaminated or the dual-mass flywheel may be on the way out (the petrol engine has one - not just the diesel)

How do you replace ac clutch on Ford F-350 diesel 2003?

trying to replace the ac clutch on my f350 6.0 and the bolt up front seems to be a special one any sugestions

How do you replace a clutch cable on a 1998 Seat Inca diesel 1900 van?

Can adjust a self adjusting cable

How do you replace a clutch on a 1995 vauxhall combo 1.7 diesel?

you gotta drop out the gear box and there is the clutch not typing all the details of every nut bolt and cranny lol :)

Where would I find parts for a John Deere Titan industrial 6500 diesel generator-flywheel?


You changed clutch on 206 1.9 diesel and now you have smoke?

You changed clutch on 206 1.9 diesel and now you have smoke

Flywheel torque specs on 7.3 diesel?

49 lbs

2004 dodge ram 2500 diesel makes a ratlling noise from the front of the tranny and clutch area it has a brand new tranny and clutch kit and is still making the noise?

sounds like the flywheel could be lose. does it do it all the time while driving or just shifting

What do you do for a P0483 code on a Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 2004 diesel?

P0483 radiator fan speed incorrect. You need to replace the fan clutch.

How do you adjust ford escort 55 diesel clutch 1997?

10mm nut above the clutch pedal

Nissan ZD30 diesel engine timing marks?

The timing marks on a Nissan ZD 30 diesel engine can be found on the front of the flywheel. The timing marks are scattered around the outside of the flywheel.

What is the cost to repair the clutch on a 2002 Volkswagen jetta diesel?

$500 for clutch $450-$500 to repair kaH!

How do you adjust clutch on a 1.8 diesel escort van 2002?

There is an Allen key bolt at the top of the clutch pedal.

Will a Chevy 6.5 diesel tranny bolt to a ford 7.3 diesel?

no the bell housing is different as is the spline for the clutch

How to adjust a clutch in a 88 ford 250 diesel truck?

has a hydraulic clutch should not need any adjusting. either needs bleeding or needs a clutch.

Will a flywheel from a 350 chev petrol engine fit a 6.2 chev diesel engine?

No it will not, not even close.

Does the Vauxhall zafira diesel have a flywheel?

Zafira 2.0Ltr DTI 16V from January 2003 onwards Engine code Y20DTH Gearbox code F23 Has a dual mass flywheel fitted.

Where do you put the clutch fluid in your astra estate 1.7 diesel?

Astras usually share brake fluid with the clutch fluid resiviour

Will the flywheel in a 6.2 Chevy diesel fit a Chevy with a 350 in it.?

no... you don't want to mix diesel and gas engine parts if its not an exact match you can mess your engine up....