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You are you getting no power to the starter?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-23 21:28:37

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Ok, in what way are you getting no power to the starter? Do you have power to the headlights? Do they dim a bunch when you try to start the vehicle? Is the starter clicking but not starting? Will the vehicle start if you jump start it? All electrical problems of this nature should start with a load test on the battery, even if it seems fairly new. If it tests good, the next thing I would check is to see if the headlights dim when you try to start it. If they dim I would check the cable connections to the battery, then have the starter tested. If they don't dim you could either have a problem with the ignition switch side of things or the starter solenoid.

2006-07-23 21:28:37
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Why is the starter not grounding out?

3 reasons either the starter is not getting power from the solenoid, solenoid is not getting power from the battery or starter is burned up.

How do you check to see that the starter is the problem?

Remove starter and bench test See if you are getting power to starter

Your starter relay just clicks when you try to start your 82 Magna what could be the problem?

You should check the battery if it is good. Try checking to see if the power is getting to the starter when you push the button if not it might be a falty relay .If power is getting to the starter (12 volt . If less check power going into your relay ) starter may need to be replaced or repared.

Your 1998 Chevy prism wont even crank when you try to start it and the starter has been replaced?

the starter isn't getting power or the battery is dead. do some tracing of the power and see where it isn't getting juice

What should you do first if your 1992 Bonneville will not turn over at all no clicking noise panel lights work battery is good Where do you find and how do you fix?

Check your Starter relay to make sure it is getting power if it is cceck to see if the decoder is getting power if both are getting power follow the starter wire to the starter selinoid if it is getting power then check all fuses and ground wires to make sure that it has good connection be sure to check the maix fuses also

After replacing the starter what would cause 1992 roadmaster to not start with new starter getting power and can feel starter trying to start with pulse?

Does the engine crank over?

Why does 1998 dodge neon have power everywhere but starter is dead starter is new and worked for 2 months?

Sounds like a defective starter, but check your battery cables and connections. Make sure you are getting power at the starter when you turn the key to the start position. Could be a relay too.

How do you tell if starter is getting power?

The best way to tell if a starter is getting power is to use a volt meter. Put the positive lead of the volt meter to the largest ( power ) cable attached to the stater and the ground lead to the chassis. Have a friend turn the key to the start position and see if you get at least 12 volts. If the starter clicks it is getting power and chances are your starter solenoid has failed. Before doing all this it is best to inspect the grounds between your engine and the chassis. Make sure the ends and the places where they are mounted are clean. Make sure the grounds are not excessively frayed as lack of ground will cause the starter to turn slow or not at all.

Your 97 Plymouth Breeze wont start the battery is new how do you get it to start again?

If the lights in the car come on, then at least part of the system is getting power. Check the battery connections again. Then check the starter solenoid and starter to insure that they are getting power and are working properly.

93 Acura Integra brand new starter and motor is not locked up but still wont start what can do please help?

Check the wiring for the starter, and the starter solenoid for problems. One of these could stop power from getting to the starter.

How do you tell if a starter went bad on a 95 Tahoe?

If the starter does not turn then it could either be bad or not getting power. If a volt meter can not be used to determine that voltage is present, then the starter can be pulled and taken to be tested.

WHY 110 cc ATV made in china Daymak model starter not engaging. solenoid is clicking. fully charged battery. no responce from starter?

Check to see if power is getting to the starter. If it is not check the solenoid contacts in it may be burned and not letting the power threw . If power is making it to the starter it maybe your brushes are in need of replacement or (dirt in starter ,broken magnets ,bearings or burnt wires).

Is there a battery jump starter?

The most important consideration when purchasing a jump starter is power. How much power is the jump starter getting to the battery? Many manufacturers only offer battery booster packs that have only 900 peak amps and maybe 200 cranking amps.

Your lawnmower just clicks when you turn the key on to start it?

get a new battery Check the battery if it is OK. Then check solenoid to see if it is engaging .Check if the power is getting to the starter if power is at starter the starter may have bad brushes or something is binding the starter ( dirt ,bad bearings, broken magnets or burnt wires ). Starter spins the drive gear is probably in need of replacement.

Your 1992 Honda Accord wont start you went through snow and now it wont turn over?

Starter may have gotten wet and frozen or shorted. Check wiring to starter See if you are getting power to starter

What would cause a Mitsubishi 3000GT 1994 to make a clicking sound and not start then make no noise and not start?

Check your battery terminals one is either loose or the grounds are bad.... On the firewall.... The clicking is the starter not getting enough power... No Clicking means no power or bad starter..Or you killed the battery(no power).. Google starter problems etc...

When you put your key in and turn you hear one click car wil not start up its getting plenty of power?

Sounds like the starter is defective. Remove the starter and have it bench tested.

Why would the starter on a 1977 trans am not be getting power?

Have you checked the ignition switch on the column . I had to replace the one in my 1977 Trans Am.

Can heavy corrosion on the battery terminals make the starter on a 1997 Toyota RAV4 go out?

Heavy corrosion will prevent enough power from getting to the starter to spin fast enough to start the engine.

Fusible links diagram for 2001 Ford Taurus?

someone help me the car has a new battery and starter it wont turn over its not getting any power to the starter. we have changed the wire now to.

Does a starter relay replace a starter solenoid?

No. The starter relay is energised by the ignition. It in turn supplies power to the starter solenoid which supplies power to the starter motor. Have a look at the related link for some general troubleshooting pointers .

How do start a 1994 Chevy cavalier when the battery and alternator is good but still wont turn over?

First, make sure your all of your electrical connections and fuses are good. (battery cables are not corroded and cable to starter and ground are good) If they are good, it sounds like you either have a bad ignition switch or starter. You might try having someone turn the ignition switch to start position while using a multi-tester to see if you are getting power to the starter. If you are getting power to the starter, and it won't engage, chances are you need a new starter. If you do not have power to the starter, you might have a bad ignition switch. In certain circumstances you might try tapping on the starter with a hammer while someone is turning the ignition switch to see if it will engage. If it will, I would look to a bad starter. I have found that a majority of the time, a starter is the problem, not the ignition switch. Hope this helps.

Where does a starter solenoid get power from on a 1997 Chevy s10?

the starter relay.

1993 ford explorer won't start just clicks new stater new battery new solenoid and put test light on it power to everything?

The starter is bad or the engine is locked up. Make sure the starter getting power then turn the engine by hand.

How do you replace a starter?

disconnect power from battery, remove wires connected to starter, remove bolts from starter (usually 2), remove starter.