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Rust on the edge of a disk brake rotor is for the most part moot. The car sat in the dealer's lot for some time, and every day or two, a lot boy came by and washed it, and during this little exercise splashed or shot water through the wheels and got the rotors wet. On the EDGE of the rotor, there is no brake contact. That is why you can still see the rust. Even if there were rust on the surface of the rotors, after the first several brake applications the rust would be literally polished off. Consider driving in very rainy conditions, when the streets are very wet. When the car is parked and the rotors are still wet from the wet streets, there will be rust develop on all the surfaces of the rotors. The brake friction material on the pads has a scouring effect on the face of the rotors, and there is no contact of any kind on the edge of the rotors. OCCASIONALLY some of this rust MAY flake off and become lodged between the rotor and the brake pad causing a "Squeel" upon application, but it is not a safety issue. ASE Certified Mechanic and Smog Diagnostician and Repair mechanic.

2006-08-31 04:55:55
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