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You have a 1987 300zx non turbo you want to convert the car to turbo but can you buy a twin turbo motor and will it mount up the same or would it be easier to convert a regular 30 L v6 to turbo?


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You would have a clearance issue as stated before. Either way your going to have to do electrical and cutting work.

You'll have to make more room whether you turbocharge the motor now or swap the motor with a twin-turbo one. You'll also either buy a reprogrammable ECU for the twin-turbo motor to work with the transmission and harness you have now or a stand-alone fuel management system so you can turbo charge the motor you have now. You'll need to adjust your shift points, air-to-fuel ratio, induction psi, etc. The cost of a motor-swap is about $3000. $1500 for a used twin-turbo motor from Ebay and $1500 for the ECU. The motor comes with: complete engine, turbos, all brackets and sensors, exhaust manifold, ECU, Intake manifold, power steering pump, ac compressor.

The cost to turbo the motor you have now is about $4500. $3,000 for the turbonetics turbo kit and $1500 for the fuel-management system. Not to mention if you have to change your intake system, O2 system, fuel rail, exhaust system.


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