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The meter slot fuse contain Gauges, warning temp, interlock emerency relay, inhibitor switch, A.S.C.D, E.C.C.S., Back up lamp, seat belt timer, Bulb check relay, Air Conditioner, Rear window defogger, A/T control system, Daytime light control unit and the A/T shift lock. I have fixed the problem that I posted on the discussion page on 03/29/08. I found out one of the ignition relay behind the fuse box was not grounded. All I did was grounded the relay to a screw which grounded to the frame of the car. Now the car is able to start without any problem.

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Q: You have a 1990 Nissan Pathfinder wont start hear fuel pump running no dash lights and shifter lever locked also a meter fuse blown replaced with a 10 amp still nothing what is a meter fuse?
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How do you turn on 4 wheel drive on a 1995 Nissan pathfinder?

Put transmission into neutral while running, pull transfer case lever back on notch (beside shifter,) this will engage 4 Hi.

How do you replaced a shifter cable manual Mazda 6?

You don't.

Why is Nissan Pathfinder stuck in park?

If the pathfinder is a model with a park lock, then pump the brakes and listen for the shift solenoid to click. The solenoid is under the plastic cover around the shifter, and has probably gone bad.

How do I replace the shift knob on a 2001 Pathfinder?

twist the old knob off and follow the diractions on the new shifter knob

Where is the fog light switch on a 1995 Nissan pathfinder?

on the center console behind the shifter. has a little dome on it and lights up orange.

Why doesn't your overdrive shut off you have replaced the actuall OD switch on the end of the shifter and checked the fuses but no luck on a 99 F-150?

probably because the wire is broken at the bottom of the shifter lever and you have to replace the whole shifter lever.

Ford e 150 loose shifter wont go in park?

The shifter linkage bushings inside the steering column need to be replaced. They are available at your local Ford dealer.

Why does 2002 Pathfinder shifter stay stuck in the park position?

Shifter Assy has a cover with just clips. stick a flat screw driver and pop it open. remove the ashtray wire and look on the passender side of the shifter their is a small bar that when you push the button INN on the shifter moves. usually this small rod (Bar) will move to the driver side move it left and right to find the correct possition and release the shiter. Eventuly you will have to replace the whole shifter Assy.

How do you change the shifter cable on a 1991 mercury tracer?

The shifter cable has retaining nuts on each end of the cable. Loosen the nuts. Remove the guide retainers. The cable will come off and can be replaced.

Why can't you get your 2003 Pathfinder to shift out of park?

My button gets to where it won't push in so I can get the shifter out of park. I have to wiggle and keep trying and it will work. Not sure what part is messed up.

Can the shift knob be replaced on a 2009 cobalt?

Slide down the chrome trim at the base of the shifter knob and you will see an Allen wrench set screw. slack off that screw and the shifter knob will come off

What is wrong with a 1986 bronco that wont crank over have replaced the solanoid and can jump the starter to get it running when turn the key all accessories will come on but it wont crank what to do?

try lifting up on the shifter and turning the key it maybe a bad Neutral safety switch

Why car won't shift gears?

Either the clutch out of adjustment or needs to be replaced, or the linkage to the shifter, or damage inside the trans.

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1971 cutlass?

underneath the steering column. it will have leads running from it to the firewall as well as to the shifter

What does the shifter cable do?

The shifter cable connects the shifter to the transmission.

Why does rattling noise occur in automatic shifter box of 1993 190e when turn left?

The bushings on the shift linkage need to be replaced

Why wont your suzuki samurai go into 2 hi?

the shifter sheet needs replaced this can be done without removing the transfer case

What if your 1997 Camry will sometimes not start unless shifter is reengaged several times what is this?

Most likely the neutral safety switch has to be replaced.

If the gear shifter no longer shifts and is stuck in drive on a 1998 Sephia where could the disconnect be?

the shifter lock out switch is in the brake, remember how you couldn't pull it out if park with out hiting the brakes my 96 sephia had this problem and we replaced the nutrel safety switch and the shifter lock thing on the brake pedel in side the car good luck. Also, you may have broken the gear cable. You will need to examine the shifter and make sure the cable is still attached.

Why does the gear shift on a manual transmission become hard to shift moving it to all extremities will loosen it up but after sitting a while it becomes hard to shift again?

when my shifter was doing that Mazda replaced the shifter cable which cured it - they said it would eventually have seized

1996 Town car shifter pin?

broken shifter on colum how do I locate the shifter pin

Why would 99 Tacoma go in 4th gear then pop out after releasing clutch?

the shifter seat and bushing may need to be replaced. these are located at the bottom of the shifter and are in stock at Toyota dealers, very common item look at the haynes or chiltons manual very easy to fix

How do you replace the automatic shift knob on an 1989 Mustang LX 2.3L?

The knob on a shifter for a 1989 Mustang LX 2.3L can be replaced by unscrewing the old knob and putting on a new knob. On many shifters, this knob can be replaced with an aftermarket version.

What are possible causes for your 97 Saturn sl1 to slip out of third gear?

Could be your shifter cable has stretched and you need to replace it? On my 1995 Saturn SL2 I could not keep the shifter in 3rd gear. I replaced the tranny with one from the junkyard and the problem still persisted. I talked to Saturn and they said it was my shifter cable. I installed the shifter cable and the new tranny goes into 3rd gear without any problems. Please use this as an FYI. It was time consuming and expensive to replace the shifter cable, but a lot less expensive than the tranny. Hopefully it is something simpler for you.

How do you change the gear shifter on a Volvo 240 gl where do you unscrew it?

The gear shifter has a retaining clip, just below the shifter knob. Hold the retaining clip in, on both sides of the shifter rod, and the shifter knob will come off.