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Have you checked basics such as does the key switch make good contact? Are there any bad electrical connections anywhere along the line that could be overheating and breaking connection? Get a good diagram and find out where voltage is being sent to the different components. Using a meter, find out what isn't getting voltage when the vehicle won't start. Intermittent problems are often difficult to find and may take quite a bit of effort and sleuthing. Good luck.

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Q: You have a 1995 fiesta 1300 will not start no spark have changed coil pack crank sensor and alternator if you leave it for a week sometimes it starts and runs for 10 miles approx?
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Do you have an alternator fuse in a fiesta td?

i need help with my new alternator.

Ford Fiesta 1.25 zetec drive belt diagram?

How to route Ford Fiesta 1998 Zetec alternator belt

Could thermostat housing on 97 fiesta zetec be under alternator?

The thermostat housing on a 1997 Fiesta Zetec is under the alternator. It is inside the upper radiator hose, where the hose connects to the water pump.

How do you change the alternator on a Ford Fiesta?

This varies with year, engine, and optional equipment.

Why would a Ford Fiesta make a squeaking sound?

because of the alternator drive belt loosing

Can the fuel pump on a fiesta van be changed?

Sure it can be replaced.

When should the cam belt on a ford fiesta 1.25 2001 be changed?

i had mine changed in Jan 2011 mileage 48000

When should a cam belt be changed on 03 fiesta?

As often as the manufacturer recommends

Where is the thermostats location on Ford Fiesta zetec?

It is just below the Alternator. If you have air con it makes for very tricky removal.

How many litres in a ford fiesta petrol tank?

45 approx 2001 onwards 1300 engine size ;)

What milage should a timing belt be changed on a 2000 fiesta zetec s?

You must be referring to a European Ford as the Fiesta is no longer sold in the U.S. Gates has no listing for a 2000 Fiesta. All 2000 Fords with a belt that are listed require the belt to be changed at 120,000 miles. The Focus engine is an interferance engine, and if the belt breaks engine damage will occur. I suggest you call a Ford dealer to make sure on your Fiesta.

Where do you find the thermostat on a fiesta zetec engine?

If it is a mk4 onwards model it is on the front of the engine under the alternator sitting in the plastic housing

What is the firing order for ford fiesta 1.25 zetec?

1,3,4,2. The No 1 cylinder is near the alternator end. (RH sitting at the steering wheel)

How do you know when your 1996 Ford Fiesta needs the cambelt or timing belt changed?

It should be changed every 60,000 miles. I am not sure if it is an interference engine or not.

How many miles before the cam belt need changing on a fiesta LX 1.2?

The cam belt in a Fiesta LX 1.2 is not a part that needs to be changed at any certain time. It should be inspected every 100,000 miles and changed only if it shows signs of wear or breaks.

How can you lower the revs on a Fiesta?

check for vaccume leaks. this can sometimes be hard to do so take you time.

Change wishbones Ford Fiesta?

"Its not possible, the car must be scrapped." This just isn't true, I recently had the wishbones changed on my Ford Fiesta, it only cost about 40 quid or there abouts.

When should a cam belt on a ford fiesta 1.3 petrol y reg be changed?

newer it,s a chain

How do you change front fog lights on Ford Fiesta?

The front for the light, on your Ford fiesta, can be changed by locating the fourth light connector on the back of the light. Push the connector in and turn at the same time. The fog light will come out.

When should the cam belt on a Ford Fiesta 1996 be changed?

Well I would guess that if it hasn't been changed yet, now's the time. But seriously Cam belts in general should be changed somewhere around 50,000 miles.

What does it mean when your steering becomes heavy and your battery light comes on in a ford fiesta?

Alternator Belt has snapped, causing you alternator to stop charging causing you battery light to come on, but this belt also runs your power steering pump which if that's not working your steering will become heavy

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What mileage do you change the cam belt on a ford fiesta zetec s 1600 2001 model?

There is no set mileage accumulation at which the cam belt should be changed on a 2001 Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1600. The cam belt is only changed if it shows signs of wear or breaks. A diagnostic test can determine if the cam belt is functioning properly.

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