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You have a 1998 Pontiac Firebird with a 3800 V6 motor It has a bad tension arm you need to know the right procedure for removing the old arm and installing the new one?


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If what you are saying tensioner for the drive belt loosen the tensioner and remove the drive belt then un bolt it then reverse for installion.

Answer:the tentioner isn't that difficult to have to remove the alternator first and make sure that the car is cool before you remove the tensioner because when you pull it off you will loose coolant so either catch it with a bucket or just let it come out, you wont loose very much. once you take it off then just swag it with the new one add some grease to the new one in the connecting areas because it is hard to wiggle it in without it. then put the alternator back on and the serpentine belt..replace whatever amount of coolant that was lost and ur good to go

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