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I just bought a 1990 GEO Prism with 5 spped stick. The original couple that owned the vehicle told me of the starting problem. The dealer I got the car from has had it in for service numerous times, but could not pin down the problem I found that if you do not turn the key fully, the car will start. If you wind up turning the key all the way, it will just act dead

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โˆ™ 2006-03-27 08:15:17
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Q: You have a 199o Chevy geo when it get hot it wont start?
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92 Geo Tracker still won't start?

wont crank or wont start if it wont crank backup 1 page find no crank.

Who makes the Geo Tracker?

geo is a division of Chevy

Why wont my 95 geo prizm start?

becuase it old like your mom so it can barley move

Geo has no electric and wont start has new battery?

Look for a blown fuse or burnt fuseabke link.

Whats causes a 96 geo prizim to get fuel and fire to the engine but engine wont start?

Check the timing belt.

Who makes geo metro?

General Motors A Geo Metro is a Cheverolet geo and Chevy metro are both made by suzuki in Canada

Is a Geo Tracker and a Chevy Tracker the same?


Your 89 Geo spectrum wont start not getting any fire?

An ignition module problem could be the cause of your 89 Geo Spectrum not starting and not getting any fire. It could also be the pickup coil causing the problem.

Can Chevy 5 lug rims fit a 94 Geo Tracker?

no,i cant fita 94 geo tracter

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Are Chevy Geo prisms front wheel drive?

yes they are

What car starts with the letter G?

galant,Answerthe GEO by Chevy

Why wont Geo Tracker clutch disengage?

torque flight transmission

92 Geo Storm 1.6L wont start all the time sometimes it sputters and wont start but smells like it floods when it does run it runs rich has new o2sensor IAC and Air filter any suggestions?

use higher heat rated spark plugs, it worked for me.

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Which car company manufactured the Geo?

The Geo was manufactured by Chevrolet and is no longer in production. The last model year was around 1989. Sales of the Geo were not great and Chevy stopped production on this model.

Have a 2000 geo metro wont startno fire to plugs has fuel?

start with timing, after this, you should be able to test your throttle position sensor with and ohms metter to determine if its good or not.

Would a fuel injector from a Chevy s10 work in a 91 Geo Tracker?

No !

Where to buy 3 cylinder timing belt cover for a Geo Metro?


Will a 95 Geo Tracker door fit on a 96 Geo Tracker?

Yes it will. All doors are so similar, you wont have any problem. Good Luck!

1990 geo strom cranks over but wont start what do you do?

Basic first step diagnostics: Check for spark, check for gas then figure out (usually by tracing backwards) why you are not getting it (spark/gas).

Battery for a Chevy metro?

most geo metros use a type 26R battery

Diagram of a transmission 1996 Geo Metro?

transmission goes into gear but wont hardly move

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Does a 95 Chevy Geo prism have just a fuel filter or a fuel pump also?

It has both