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first you should get an all around tune up, and for the water leak; try cleaning the drains. . . you have to remove the plastic vents under your wipers, then (I) used a wire hanger to unclog the water drains. while your at it you can change your air filter.

2010-03-29 02:13:01
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Why do I Smell Coolant When the Car Heater is On?

Heater core is probally leaking. Should be located under dash on passenger side.

Where should you check for a leak when the driver and passenger side floors of your 1999 Mercedes 300TD fill with water?

it could be the weather stripping on the passenger side door IF ITS NOT RAINING, THE HEATER CORE MAY BE LEAKING. sounds like the drain pan for the sky light id leaking

Why would hot water be leaking from under the dash?

Probably on the passenger side, under the glove box. The heater core is leaking, you should probalbly smell something sweet with the car running. That's the anti freeze.

Why is antifreeze leaking inside the car of a 99 Saturn sl2?

Most likely a leak in the heater core, should be on the passenger side under the dash.

Why would there be water leaking in on the floor board in the back seat on the passenger side all other areas are dry?

You heater core has most likely kicked the bucket. It is anti-freeze leaking in your car. You should get that fixed ASAP (obviously!).

When running the air water links on the passager side?

If it is leaking on the passenger side, out side of the vehicle, then this is normal. It is condensation coming from the evaporator core. If it is leaking INSIDE the vehicle, then you have a clogged evaporator core vent drain. Clearing the drain should clear the problem.

How can I get a leaking water heater fixed?

A leaking water heater can be very dangerous and should not be used if it is leaking. Also, you should clean the leakage and keep it away from any other electronics.

Why is Water leaking on passenger side floor when AC runs?

Ac drain hole is plugged, go under neath by oil filter and unclog small rubber opening! This should fix it..

Where is the mileage read on CR-V?

It should appear in the little window at the bottom of the speedometer dial. Next to it there should be a push switch to change from odometer mileage to "trip" mileage.

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No indeed!! It shouldn't be leaking at anytime you are prego. Get checked out immediately!!!

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When should you check for evidence of gas fumes?

Anytime you think you smell fumes in a vehicle for a length of time the exhaust system needs to be checked. Carbon monoxide could be leaking into the passenger compartment and can lead to sickness or death.

Why is my Breast is leaking blood?

You should see a doctor.

1994 Ford Taurus Wagon leaking transmission fluid?

If a transmission is leaking fluid, it is likely that a seal or gasket has failed. Replace the gaskets and seals and the leaking should stop.

What mileage should timing chain be changed 2005 Jeep Cherokee?

There is not set mileage to change the chain. It should last the life of the engine.

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Your employer should be telling you what the mileage is. At my place of employment, we get 50.5 cents a mile.

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Will a passenger who is wearing a seat belt likely hit the windshield in an accident?

If wearing the seat belt properly, then no a passenger should not hit the windshield.If wearing the seat belt properly, then no a passenger should not hit the windshield.

Why is your 1995 Corsica carpeting wet mostly wet on front driver side and slightly wet on passenger side?

You have a heater core leaking. Check your fluid level on your radiator. It should be a little low. They are not the most fun thing to replace.

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Like the passenger is your boss, after all they make your paycheck possible.

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The qualities that you should look for in a used Cadillac is the mileage. If the mileage is fairly low then everything else should be set in place. Check with your dealer.

How to tell if a car radiator is leaking?

If a leak exists, there should be green or red fluid leaking from just under the nose of the car. It is possible that the engine must be running for the leaking to occur, but this is not always the case.

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Battery acid can be dangerous plese discard of any leaking batteries right away.

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it should be about 9.5 mpg

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I going for gas mileage on my 82 Chevy pickup. Should I rebuild the stock 305 or a 350ci. Remember looking for the best mileage.