You want to eliminate ac compressor from 1986 jeep Comanche is there a bracket made for the alternator?

i have an 87 wrangler with 4.2 carb motor, v-belt, and used 2 different style 1/4 thickness alternator adjustment brackets and a tranglular bracket piece from the junk yard. i used the holes where the comp used to mount. alignment of the belt wasnt to hard either. use the 2 adjusting brackets on top and trangular one on bottom left, facing engine. the adjustment brackets i mounted on top are on top are a 1/4 inch thick and , i mounted the single hole in the old comp. mounting holes front and back ,on the backside of old comp. mounting hoes, you need brckets that have an offset on the end where the single hole is. i think mine came off dodge pickup 360 engine alternator , hopefully you can get a rough idea of what i did never had any problems. it did take some patience playing with brackets to get it right, but didnt have to drill any holes, oh, the upper brackets are 5" long and have an offset on single hole end , and the bottom piece is 4 9/16" center to center kid of triangular shaped which helps add strenghth