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i have an 87 wrangler with 4.2 carb motor, v-belt, and used 2 different style 1/4 thickness alternator adjustment brackets and a tranglular bracket piece from the junk yard. i used the holes where the comp used to mount. alignment of the belt wasnt to hard either. use the 2 adjusting brackets on top and trangular one on bottom left, facing engine. the adjustment brackets i mounted on top are on top are a 1/4 inch thick and , i mounted the single hole in the old comp. mounting holes front and back ,on the backside of old comp. mounting hoes, you need brckets that have an offset on the end where the single hole is. i think mine came off Dodge pickup 360 engine alternator , hopefully you can get a rough idea of what i did never had any problems. it did take some patience playing with brackets to get it right, but didnt have to drill any holes, oh, the upper brackets are 5" long and have an offset on single hole end , and the bottom piece is 4 9/16" center to center kid of triangular shaped which helps add strenghth

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How do you replace a bypass hose on a 1996 jeep grand cherokee limited 5.2 liter with the water pump still installed?

You will need to remove the ac compressor, alternator, and the bracket underneath them to access the bypass hose.You will need to remove the ac compressor, alternator, and the bracket underneath them to access the bypass hose.

How do you replace the hose at the top of the water pump on a 2000 dodge ram 1500?

You need to remove the ac compressor, alternator, and their mounting bracket.

How to you change an alternator in a 1991 Saab 900s?

To access the alternator, you have to remove the A/C compressor. First you must remove the alternator belt by removing the adjustment bolt on the alternator. Move the alternator as far down as you can. This will give you access to the lower bolt on the A/C mounting bracket. Remove the A/C belt. You may have to remove the idler pulley to do this. Remove the three bolts (probably Allen head) that mount the A/C compressor bracket to the engine and swing the A/C compressor off to the right side of the engine compartment. Do NOT disconnect the A/C hoses. You should now be able to remove the bolt(s) that hold the alternator in place. Assembly is reverse of disasssembly.

Can someone email me a pic of how the bracket for the ac compressor and alternator mount to the engine to

You failed to list make, model, year, and engine. You are not going to get an answer.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1988 VW Passat 1.8L Petrol Estate?

You need to remove the accesory bracket from the engine. Powere steering pump, ac compressor, alternator and then the bracket. Then you can get the pump out. Not a lot of fun.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1990 Saab 900?

After loosening the bolts that hold it to it's bracket, you may have to remove two of the three bolts that mount the bracket to the engine. Rotate the alternator and bracket counter clockwise enough to remove the long bolt.Remove the a/c compressor first to make life easier. Over all not an easy job but doable. Good luck.


It holds the alternator down firmly.

How do I troubleshoot a noisy suspension compressor on a 2002 Expedition?

I just had similar problem with 2000 expedition. It was the bracket not the compressor. but if you don't fix bracket soon compressor will go bad too.

How do you remove an alternator bracket on a 1998 Dodge Caravan 3.3 Liter engine?

remove belt, remove alternator plugs, then bolts. pull out alternator. then undo bolts for bracket and remove.

What is the name of the mounting post on the Lincoln mark viii alternator?

alternator bracket

How do i adjust alternator belt on a 2002 protege?

you will find a bolt at top alternator connecting it to the bracket arm loosen it a little. you will find another bolt parallel with the bracket tighten it to pull the slack out of belt. tighten the bolt connecting alternator to bracket

Is there a trick to removing the alternator bracket from a 1995 Jetta?

You should be able to remove the alternator bracket, on your 1995 Jetta, by removing the three retaining bolts. The bracket should easily come off.

How does a car break the alternator bracket. I have a 1995 Chevy Astro Van and it has broken the alternator bracket twice in about a week or 2. I replaced it and it broke again. How does this happen?

do you mean the aluminum bracket holding the alternator broke at the bolt holes? do you know that there should be a steel bracket BEHIND the alternator also? when engine usually replaced, sometimes this steel bracket is not replaced and instead a shorter bolt is used to fasten alternator (3 bolts) to aluminum bracket. there should be a longer bolt which goes from the front of the alternator on the left side, thru the alternator and thru that steel bracket and into part of engine?? this part not clearly understood as explained to me by mechanic husband. he had the same problem and corrected when bracket kit purchased from local Chevy dealer; about $197 in Hawaii. hope this bit helps...

Where do you get a dual alternator bracket for a 2000 expedition 5.4 it is not a diesel?

Dc power makes a bracket

Is the alternator on a 2000 Honda accord bolted onto the motor block or on a bracket?

On the Bracket for sure

How do you install an alternator on 1992 Ford E350?

Start by disconnecting the negative battery cable, then loosen the hinge and bracket bolts on the alternator. There should only be one of each. Rotate the alternator around the bracket to release tension on the belt and electrical wires far enough that they can be disconnected. Remove the bracket bolt then the hinge bolt and the alternator should come right out. Installation is the reverse of removal. To tighten the belt back up, be sure the bracket bolt is loose then use a prybar between the alternator body and the engine block to pry the alternator along bracket. When the desired tension is reached, tighten the bracket bolt back down. Boom Done

Where is the alternator grounded on 1997 Ford Taurus?

Alternators are generally grounded through the alternator body to the engine block or head through the attaching bolts.On many cars I've owned I add a ground strap from the alternator body to the block to eliminate any chance of poor connections throught the mounting bracket.

How do you change an AC compressor on a 1990 Chevy G-20 van with a 350 engine?

The compressor should be removed with the bracket that holds it and then removed from the bracket once out of the engine bay. There is a small bracket that mounts on the front underside of the clutch that needs to be removed first (two bolts and one stud) then four bolts and one stud for the main compressor bracket.

How do you disengage the alternator belt on a Ford F 150?

The alternator slides with the alternator bracket. Loosen the bolt that goes through the bracket into the alternator. You may need to loosen the bolt on the bottom as well. Don't remove either. Then slide the alternator towards the opposing pulley to loosen the belt enough to disengage.

How do you eliminate the parenthesis in algebra equation?

You can remove parenthesis or bracket by multiplying the number outside, with the number inside the bracket.

Will the alternator bracket from a 350 Chevy fit a 454?

No it denfinately will not

How do you replace alternator on 97 cutlass 3.1?

Disconnect the battery negative. Loosen the belt and remove it from the alternator pulley. Disconnect all wires from the alternator. Unbolt the alternator from the bracket. Remove the alternator.

Where is the compressor relay ON A 1997 MARK VIII?

For air ride compressor Its a 5 or 6 wire electronic relay with a heat sink mounted on the compressor bracket.

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1992 Dodge Ram 250 Van 318?

The thermostat is located under a housing that is connected to the motor side of the upper radiator hose. To access the thermostat, disconnect the radiator hose from the motor and remove two bolts from this housing. If I remember correctly however, you will probably need to remove the serpentine belt and also disconnect the battery (to protect the next item), alternator, AC compressor, and bracket that holds the alternator and AC compressor just to be able to get to the thermostat. If that is correct, don't remove wires from alternator (or you'll probably be buying a new one) or system lines from compressor (or you'll have to recharge it). Just disconnect them from the bracket and swing them out of the way. Hope this helped! Mark

Where are the bolts that hold the alternator on the car located?

Depends on the car. Usually, they are right on the bracket that holds the alternator in place.

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