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You would like to change a geo metro transmission from manual to automatic how do you go about doing it?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-28 23:52:32

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My advice. Forget this idea. Sell this car and purchase one that came with an Automatic. You will save yourself money and lots of headaches. This would be an expensive conversion. The only other option would be to find a donor car with all the necessary parts.

2006-08-28 23:52:32
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Q: You would like to change a geo metro transmission from manual to automatic how do you go about doing it?
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Can you change your automatic transmission to a tiptronic or a manual how much would it cost for a 2001 Toyota celica?

Yes, you can change your automatic transmission to a Tiptronic or manual transmission in a 2001 Toyota Celica. The cost will vary depending on the type of transmission and whether or not you do the work yourself. To have the transfer done, it could cost up to about $8000 or even a little more. Doing it yourself would probably cost under $5000.

Can you replace an automatic transmission on a 2000 Honda Accord ex v6 to a manual transmission?

Yes, that is possible. But you would need a donor car in order to have all the parts necessary. Otherwise the cost of doing this would be astronomical. My advice is to sell the Honda with an automatic transmission and buy a Honda with a manual transmission.

When you should change car manual transmission fluid?

When the fluid no longer look red. Transmission fluid normally doesn't have to be changed that often. For a manual transmission, maybe after 100K. The manual transmission fluid is thicker and hardly ever breaks down. Unless the gears are clashing, etc. But for an automatic transmission: that would depend on how you drive you vehicle. A good idea for a transmission fluid change would be every 3rd to 4th motor oil change. The transmission fluid is completely different from motor oil, but will eventually wear out. I say a fluid and filter change. It is usually a bad idea to get a transmission flush if the transmission is doing good, so far.

How to parallel park using a manual transmission vehicle?

Parallel parking in a manual vehicle can be hard of so,e people. It can take long to park then doing it in a automatic vehicle.

Why does 92 buick transmission slip into neutral?

If it's an automatic transmission the linkage needs to be adjusted. On a manual transmission when it pops out of gear it means there may be a bad synchronize for that gear a mechanic will need to repair. Once in a while a manual transmission will start doing this if it is low on gear oil.

How much would it cost to convert from a manual to an automatic transmission?

it depends on what kind of car, how much of parts inventory you personally have, and how much work you are planning on doing.............

Why would a 1993 Dodge Colt 1.8L automatic transmission not change gears?

You are doing something wrong.. TAke it to the trans shop.

Can you change a manual transmission to an automatic transmission?

The answer would be in most cases yes. The question is would it be worth all the time and money doing so? In my opinion I would say No unless you have a lot of money or free time on your hands and can go without the vehicle a while it would not be worth it to me. , EzForJesus

Can the rpm governor on an automatic 4 speed RX-8 be modified so it goes past 8000 rpm or would something be damaged in doing so?

No. The automatic transmission can not take the stress of the full rpms you get in the manual version.

Can a 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse with an automatic transmission be converted to a manual transmission and if so how much would it cost?

Yes, les than $1000.00 probably closer to $600 using mostly wrecker parts and doing the interior work yourself.

How do you replace an automatic transmission on a 1995 ford escort?

the best answer i have for this is. buy a haynes manual. there are many things i can tell you like take the wheels, cv-shafts, block the engine, disconnect transmission lines/shifter & kickdown, take off torque converter cover and bolts and remove transmission bolts. however the manual has pictures and allows you to get a better idea of what you are doing.

Is a transmission swap possible between a 95 buick lesabre and a 95 grand am?

They should be.. just don't try to replace a manual with an automatic, or vise versa (unless you have a good idea of what you're doing)

What is a automatic transmission?

A transmission that shifts through gears after moving lever to "d" without driver doing anything no clutch pedal

What are the parts that is required to change to convert a manual drive to automatic drive?

If it is an older vehicle without all the electronics, it would be a fairly simple affair (aside from all the labor of actually doing it). Would just need to take out the manual trans, clutch, and flywheel and put in an automatic that fits that vehicle and perhaps get a longer or shorter driveshaft (possibly from the donor vehicle which should be the same make and model as the one you have). Along with a shifter for the auto trans. If its newer with all the electronics and stuff, then it would be alot more involved of a process. Best thing you could probably do is just sell the vehicle with the manual transmission and buy a vehicle with an automatic transmission if that is what you want though.

How can you change the transmission oil in a 1997 Isuzu Trooper with automatic transmission?

Simple answer is take it to an auto transmission shop. They have all the gear and replace the gasket and internal filter for little more than it would cost for the bits. I gave up doing this years ago.

How do you change an automatic to manual?

Last answer was false. The exact steps are varied from model to model, but it is possible. However it'll require, at the very least, an automatic transmission, new driveshaft, and whatever computer your model needs to run properly. Anyone's best bet would be to visit a Transmission shop and talk to the guys that work there. Choose one that you'll be doing some business with so you'll get the most help with explanations and pointers as to what you'll need to do.

How do you change an automatic transmission on a 1986 Honda Accord LXi?

It's a fair bit of work, you will need to support the engine while doing this, pull the driveshafts and any other items in the way to get it out. If you're not familiar with it take it in and have it done. The other thing you can do is buy the repair manual and go at it step by step.

Does anyone know what other transmissions will fit an automatic 1994 Mazda MX6?

93's are not interchangeable with the other years iknow i have on and tried also an auto to a manual cant be done on the original engine manual has to go on a manual etc. so i wish you luck The above answer is totally wrong. ANY Mazda MX6/MX3/626 or Ford Probe can be changed over to manual transmission easily and quickly. The transmission is the Mazda G25M-R for either the 2.0L FS or 2.5L KL engine depending on what you have. There is no difference in the engine between years that would affect fitment of the transmission. The Automatic transmission is a Ford/Mazda CD4E for the 4-cylinder (FS) and a 4EAT for the 6-cylinder (KL). If you're doing it yourself, the manual transmission swap will yield a dependable car with parts from a junkyard, the automatic replacement will now... unless you're purchasing a Mazda (factory) remanufactured and revised transmission. Go to and check out your options.

What type of fluid is needed in a 1984 Chevy S10 transmission 4 speed?

If it is an automatic transmission it should use Dextron 2 type of transmission fluid. If it is a standard it will use a heavy gear oil. Auto parts stores should have the volume needed if you are doing a fluid change.

What is faster standard or automatic transmission?

depends on are good you are at shifting, if you know what your doing a Manuel is fasterI disagree:A properly tuned automatic will always be faster than the manual gear box over the 1/4 mile drag race. The basic numbers come down to an automatic will never stop applying power to the wheels while a manual will for a split second.The problem comes in when we get to truly fast cars (8 seconds and faster) there are no automatics that can take this abuse and the manual box becomes the only choice.

Can you tow a Honda Accord behind an RV?

For the most part it is a very bad idea to flat tow any automatic transmission vehicle but it is possible with some if you follow the manufactures procedure for doing so. Even some manual transmission vehicles cannot be flat towed. It is all about lubrication. Flat tow a vehicle that requires the engine to be running to lubricate the transmission and you will do serious damage to the transmission. Open and read your owners manual where you will find out the answer to your question with 100% certainty.

Where do you check manual trans fluid?

Manual transmissions have lubricant that is only changed when the transmission is serviced. It is not necessary to check it regularly, and there is no provision for doing so.

What are the steps to remove an install a automatic transmission on a 91 Mercury Cougar 3.8L?

I would recommend a haynes manual, they discuss it thoroughly, Altho there isn't much detail about the internals. If you are just doing a swap, the haynes would be a good investment.

How do you change shifter linkage 1998 automatic cavalier?

To change the shift linkage in an 1998 automatic Chevy Cavalier the shift linkage needs to be removed from the transmission and pulled from the cabin. The job requires removing the floor console to access the cable. After doing the so the cable can be snaked from inside the cabin, the install is the reverse of the removal.

What am I missing I have un bolted all the bolts to remove my automatic tranny from a 1993 Regal gransport and it still wont come un loose from engine What am I doing wrong?

Is this automatic or manual