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I dealt with this with a 91 Beretta last year. First off, is your check engine light on? If so it may be shooting a code for a "knock sensor" or what not. If this is the same problem as mine, it was an issue with the coil pack and the ignition module located directly under the coils (they plug into it). Your looking at a total repair cost of around 200-300 to go the full route. Plugs, wires, 3 new coils (v6), ignition module. The work to replace is kind of a pain but certainly not so hard to deter someone with auto knowledge. The assembly is bolted to the front of the engine block across from the radiator. They go bad because of the heat that they are immersed in. You'll have to remove a few items on top of the engine compartment, disconnect the positive battery cable. Underneath you need to remove the starter, oil filter, than you can unbolt the ignition module and coils and pull the whole assembly out. A couple of bolts are hard to see unless your below the car. I had it down to a science and could replace it all in about 45 minutes. Good luck.

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Q: Your 1995 Berretta automatic feels like it is slipping when you hit about 40-60 miles per hour It only starts after about 10 minutes of driving and it constantly slips back for a few seconds and then continues at speed Is this a transmittion problem?
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