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Your 19967 polo wont start no spark at plugs?

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hi it could be the ignition mogule that's the bit bolted on the side that the high tension lead goes into i had the same problem also have a look at the distributor cap make sure the center is ok

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How do you remove air filter to get at spark plugs on vw polo 1l 1995?

You have to take out the screws in the number order 1-4 the you can lift it out and the spark plugs are below.

How do you change spark plugs on vw polo 1.4?

Some Volkswagen models actually came with a diesel engine. Others have spark plugs located under the distributor cap. Once the distributor cap is removed replace the spark plugs one by one as to not get them crossed.

What is the spark plug gap for a 'w' plate Polo 1.0?

2000 Polo 1.0Ltr Engine code AER NGK & Beru plugs 0.7mm Bosch plugs 0.9 mm

If the pistern breaks and drops on the spark plugs of a Volkswagen polo can it damage the engine?

if the piston breaks that is engine damage.

Does a polo 1.4s 2002 have spark plugs?

well how about you take the plugs out and try running the engine without them in, maybe then u might realise that something has to ignite the petrol!!

My polo won't start after the engine is done?

petrol is there,spark also the but on the dash i dont see a check engine light when i switch the car ON

What should I try next my vw polo wont start it cranks but no spark the distributor coil all leads and plugs have been replaced now Im seriously running out of money thanks?

try to change the ignition coil.

How do you change sparkplugs on 2003 VW Polo?

Begin by removing the spark plug wire from the top of your 2003 VW spark plug. Remove the spark plug with a 5/8 deep well socket, by turning the socket to the left. Reverse the process to install your new spark plugs.

How to change Spark plugs VW Polo 1.2?

I need to change the spark plugs on my 1.2 lt 52 Polo, but I can't get the plastic cover off Answer: It is very easy. Grab front and backside of the plastic cover and pull hard. It might feel like you will break the cover, but you will not. Note that underneath the right hand side of the cover you will find at hose that is clipped on to the block of your engine. It might be a good idea to unclip this before removing the cover. Use a flathead screwdriver. F

Volkswagen polo 1.4i spark plug gap?

The standard spark plug gap for a Volkswagen Polo 1.4i is 0.045 inches. The gap represents the space between the tip and the electrode.

How many plugs has a 1.2 petrol 2004 vw polo?


How do I change spark plugs on 1 2004 VW polo?

i think it should be the same as any other car you have 4 leads that run across your engine pull them off by hand then you will need a spark plug socket and ratchet unscrew them and replace try not to over tighten them attach the leads and away you go

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How do you remove the spark plugs from a 1999 vw polo 1.4?

Remove the engine cover (3 bolts) and air box (the screws to take out are numbered or arrowed - can't remember which) and then you can get to the plugs with a plug spanner on a half inch socket extension. No 4's abit tricky to get back in - don't drop it or it's hell to retrieve.

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Why does my Polo start then cuts out?

crankshaft position sensor

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