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Check compression. Is it even on all cylinders? The most common problem is getting the plugs wrong. If plug wiring is "180 degrees out" it will NEVER start. Determine plug timing by turning the engine by hand until it comes up to top dead center mark on the harmonic balancer. Then, if you can leave the rocker cover off, watch the rockers for #1. Turn it a little either way and if either rocker is moving, you're not on #1 TDC. IF they're moving, turn the crankshaft 360 degrees (all the way around once) until you're back to the #1 mark on the harmonic balancer. This time, when you turn the crankshaft a little either way you should notice that the #1 rockers don't move. Once you're certain that you're at #1, connect the plug wires to the right place and if everything ELSE is right, it should start.

2006-07-16 13:46:19
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You replaced the coil and distributor and cap why are you not getting any spark?

electronic spark modulator bad.

Your 1988 bronco 302 is getting spark and fuel but wont start you recently replaced the head gaskets what could be the problem I replaced the coil and it is getting good fuel flow and good spark?

You probably have a bad Electronic Control Module. They are notorious for going bad.

1989 Mazda will not start it is getting fuel and has a good spark from the coil to the distributor cap but has a week spark at the plugs Have replaced ignition coil distributor pickup coil plug wires?

try to get a new ignition rotor

1996 Jeep Cherokee that turns over but will not start no spark to the distributor or the spark plugs replaced the ignition coil and the pick-up coil in the distributor Engine is getting fuel?

The most common failure associated with those symptoms is the Crankshaft Position Sensor.

Why Honda accord lx 92 distributor is not getting any fire?


Not getting a spark on 2003 accent - sparkplugs are good - any ideas?

How about the plug cables? Check connections at distributor and harness, and they should generally be replaced at the same time as the plugs.

What if my Mazda 626 is not getting fire to the spark plug but you are to the distributor?

it has to be the distributor cap or rotor or wires...plug wires.

What is wrong when your engine wants to stall?

My 1995 Nissan Quest is acting really strange. It is acting like its either misfiring or not getting enough gas and wants to cut out on me and it jerks sometimes hard. What could it be. I put new plugs and wires in, and just replaced the distributor cap and rotor for the distributor cap.

What makes the slant6 motor act like it not getting gas i have replaced fuel filter and the plugs it tries to die out when driving and it shuts off when stopped at a light?

Check the fuel pump, rotor, and distributor cap.

If you replaced the thermostat on a 1992 Toyota SR5 V6 4wd pickup because after the truck warmed up you were getting cold air but now it works sporadically do you need a water pump?

you probably need head gaskets. recheck the coolant in the radiator when the engine is cold. if its low even though you just filled it when you replaced the thermostat, and you dont see any external leaks, i would strongly suspect head gaskets. its common on these. and sometimes no heat is the only symptom the driver notices!

Why wouldn't a Chevy 350 turn over replaced the battery and alternator fuel pressure gauge reads 4 - 5 psi when the fuel pump is on what's going on?

Is it getting spark?, if it isn't getting spark to the plugs and you have a HEI distributor the ignition control module could be blown, take cap off and replace the module, it's the thing with the wires plugged to it inside the distributor.

1993 Ford Aerostar 3.0L engine not getting spark?

Bad coil? Bad distributor rotor? Bad distributor cap?

What could be wrong with a 1999 Chevy Suburban with constant hard start problems if you replaced battery fuel filter fuel pump but it still only cranks not starts?

try the distributor module . may not be getting fire.

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You just replaced the cylinder head gasket on your series 2A lightweight and it seems to be running OK but the oil has turned grey whats going on?

It sounds like coolant is getting in your oil. Recheck you intake manifold gasket.Hopefully the head gasket sealed up. Did you have the heads surfaced? Did you pressure test heads for leaks? When head gaskets go the heat can crack/warp cylinder heads.Mark. Also, make sure you buy original Rover gaskets, as many after market gaskets arn't up to the job. Rick.

Im not getting fire to your spark plugs?

im not getting fire to the spark plugs but the distributor is getting fire what do i do please help

Will a blown head gasket keep the car from starting?

If water or oil is getting into a couple of cylinders, the plugs can be fouled and not sparking which can keep it from starting.

Where is the igniter on a 1993 Honda Accord lx?

Igniter? Please elaborate as I am not familiar with the term ignitor on a gasoline engine, and do not understand what you are referring to. Within the oem distributor, there is an oem electrical ignitor($70). It is a very common issue and problem with 93 honda accords... it can be replaced and the rest of the oem distributor is useable and salvaged, so dont throw it away! or listen to anyone that says the car is not getting spark and that the entire distributor is bad or the coil is bad, only replace with an aftermarket ignitor/distributor as a last option.

My 91 Toyota camary is leaking oil but it looks like its coming from distributor cap is that possible?

It's possible, but unlikely that the engine would keep running if that much oil were getting into the distributor. Check for "blow-by". That's when exhaust gas leaks past worn rings causing a build-up of pressure inside the crankcase. That's typically the cause of most leaks that aren't directly attributed to failed gaskets.

Where is the knock senor on a 3.1 Pontiac and does it plug into the distributor?

if you think your grand am has a distributor, you might think about closing your hood and getting someone else to fix it

99 cougar cranks but wont start replaced distributor crankshaft sensor spark plugs smell like gas but not a blown head gasket I think its not getting fire to start any ideas?

try a new ignition coil

3.4 liter engine in a 2003 Malibu is getting oil in the antifreeze but not antifreeze in the oil?

Intake gaskets have failed.

I'm not getting fire to the spark plugs.?

Have you checked all of the High Tension leads from the distributor to the plugs, or just one or two? Same with HT lead from Coil to Distributor, Check Distributor cap for cracks

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