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Your 96 Jeep Cherokee 4L won't start but will try to turn over and it has no spark also has a good ignition coil what could it be?


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January 31, 2008 8:47PM

Ok , I have the same problem, I was told to replace the ignition module i just ordered it. also a friend of mine works at a dealership and he said this is very common on 97 sports, The computer goes out, cost 214.97 to replace i had the same problem and the a mechanic said it was the computer, but i still thought it was a crank sensor. i replaced the crank sensor first and the jeep runs great. My 98 with the straight 6 did the same thing, and the mechanic at the dealership told me I needed a new computer without looking at it. A friend of mine with an computer reader plugged it in and found both a bad crank sensor and a bad O2 sensor (not in that order, however), replaced both (one at a time) and it runs like new now, even if it has 120k on it.

I was browsing for the same info and came across this article. I think is worth reading because I spent a lot of money/effort/hours on the problem that I had with my '95 Cherokee (which was almost the same you have). Good luck solving it