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My 94 grand am had the same problem I had to change my EGR valve which is expensive. I also need to check my knock sensor. I would say start with those. If your service engine light is coming on find a place that does free diagnostics and take it there to see codes.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-08 15:25:06
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Q: Your 96 grand am gt v6 3.1 does not have all of its power it should when running and idling it gets to point it almost dies then goes back up is it your spark plugs and wires or your o2 sensor?
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What should the voltage be checking battery with car running?

13.5 to 15.5 volts with the engine idling.

Will a temperature sensor cause bad idling in a 1999 Saturn?

It can, but you should trust the computer diagnostics in a situation like that.

Why does a car run at a normal temperature while running but gets hot while idling?

Cooling fan may not be working as it should. If it is not coming on either the fan is defective, fuse is blown, or the thermal sensor is bad. If it is running and the engine is still overheating the radiator may be partially clogged.

Why would my car almost stall when idling?

There are various reasons why your car would almost stall when idling. In most cases, this might be an indication of the engine lacking power or capacity due to the failure of the pistons. You should contact a mechanic to diagnose the problem.

How do you turn off headlight on a 2003 Pontiac when idling?

If it doesn't have the daylight sensor on the dash, you should be able to turn the DRLs off by applying the emergency brakes.

What is that sensor on the dash of a 2005 jeep?

If it is in the center of the dash near the windshield it should be a headlight sensor for day time running lights

Low oil pressure reading when idling for a 1986 fiero?

A low oil pressure reading when idling for a 1986 Fiero is normal. As long as the oil pressure goes back to normal when the car is being driven, there should be no problem. If it is not, then the oil pressure sensor or the oil sending unit should be looked at.

Map sensor voltage low on neon 96how do you get the voltage to the correct level sensor has been replaced but car still running rough?

Check voltage between pins 1 and 4 with the key on and engine not running. You should have 4 to 5 volts. With then engine idling, it should drop to 1.5 to 2.1 volts. Test PCM terminal 36 for same results. If different, check wiring/connectors. Test for MAP sensor ground at terminal 1 and PCM terminal 43 Test supply voltage at sensor terminals 3 and 1. It should be 4.5 to 5.5 volts and the same at PCM terminal 61 If all test good, MAP sensor is bad, if not, fix wiring harness.

How to tell if Bad throttle sensor?

A bad throttle sensor can cause engine jerking and rough running. A test of the computer codes should show if there seems to be a problem with the sensor.

Bad o2 sensor symptoms?

It is important to maintain all car parts for smooth riding. A bad O2 sensor can cause rough idling, bad acceleration, poor fuel efficiency, and a warning light should appear on the dash,.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1989 jeep Cherokee Laredo?

Look on the back on the transfer case. There should be one wire running from it. That's your speed sensor. -- Blake.

Should a new motor be purchased when a crank shaft sensor needs to be replaced?

no no no my crank sensor when out on my truck ar 95k now i have 125k and she is still running good

if your car battery has a dead cell will it die while idling?

As long as your car engine is running, it should be OK. An exhausted battery will only become a problem when you try to start the car.

Should breaker box fan in travel trailer is running all the time?

no, it only runs when the heat sensor trips

Why does engine fan keep running on 1994 Chevy 350 5.7liter motor?

The fan connects to a temperature sensor, unless it's been bypassed. This sensor should be checked first.

What is idling fule pressure for a 1995 s 10 with 4.3 vortec?

With key on engine not running pressure should be 9 to 13 psi Engine at idle pressure should decrease by 3 to 10 psi on a throttle body. On a multi port injection key on engine not running pressure should be 41 to 47 psi. Engine running at idle pressure should decrease 3 to 10 psi. Central multiport fuel injection key on not running should be 58 to 64 psi. Engine running at idle pressure should decrease 3 to 10 psi. Central sequential electronic fuel injection key on not running pressure should be 55 to 61 psi. Engine running at idle pressure should decrease 3 to 10 psi.

Oxygen sensor locations 2001 Toyota solara?

look at where the headers come off the engine. follow this and there should be a rod like projection sticking out with wires running down from it. that is your O2 sensor.

Your cooling fans run all the time when the engine is running.?

engine cooling fan should not do this - bad temp sensor likely

How do you find the coolant temp sensor in a gti 1.8 t?

It should be some where on your intake manifold with one or two wires running to it.

How do you know if map sensor is not working?

The engine would be running poorly and the check engine light should be illuminated with related codes.

What toilet should crossdresser use?

They should use what ever toilet their body was made for!

How should the transmission fluid be checked on a 2002 Ford Escape?

The engine should be hot and idling in park.

98 neon that misses at idle checked codes said running rich What should you do?

check the oxygen sensors, mine was "running rich" also but it turns out the problem was a bad upstream o2 sensor. The other thing could the throttle position sensor, because the engine is throttle body injected, the sensor could be dirty and sending the computer a bad reading.

Where the oil sensor is located in a Pontiac Grand Am 94?

look towards the top of the oil pan. it should be almost straight up from the the plug.

What should you look for if my Chevy lumina just quit running I have spark to my spark plugs and I am getting gas?

check your mass air flow sensor . tap on it GENTLY . should start