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I own a 98 Chilkoot as well. MAR 08 I started hearing the clicking noise immediately after ignition. Normally only once a day first thing in the morning. I can seem to figure out where it is coming from. I am going to replace the starter. What have you tried? Any more news on the problem? The clicking noise is so fast that it can't be lack o' lube.Jeff,


liftersoften at start up your engines lifters will click because they are dry and quiet down once the oil is circulating well this is especially true with fluid lifters since oil pressure takes up the slack in the valve train get the starter checkedit may be a sign that your starters going bad. my Pontiac grand am , didnt have any noticeable signs then one day my car wouldn't start. i thought it might have been just the battery but turned out it was the starter- go figure- anyway they told me that the starter looks like it was going bad for awhile .they said sometimes there are no signs that it just goes out, like it did on me . so i had it changed hadnt had any problems since.
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Q: Your 98 Chilkoot engine makes very slight clicking noise after first morning start up about 1-2 minutes Any idea what it might be Thanks?
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