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either the fuse that was put has too much wattage or not enough

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Q: Your ac heater and defrost in your 2000 montero stop working when a fuse was replaced it kept blowing the fuse what is the problem?
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What causes the front air conditioner on 1999 Lincoln navigator to stop blowing through the ac vents and start blowing through the defrost vents?

When there is a problem in the vent system it defaults to defrost setting. Check the doors & vac supply

Your 98 sebring lxi is stuck blowing out the defrost and will not go to any other setting. Any idea how to fix this annoying problem Thanks?

that usually indicates a vacuum leak which causes the system to go into default mode, which is defrost.

Why is my vehicle's defrost blowing cold air when set at warm?

If the temperature cannot be changed for any of the direction settings, e.g., defrost, vents, floor, then the problem is very likely to be the blend door actuator motor.See "Related Questions" below for more

Why does a 1995 ford bronco air conditioner stops blowing when gas is applied?

If the vents stop blowing when gas is applied, it is likely a vacuum problem. The vent system is controlled by vacuum, so when the engine is under load, there isn't enough vacuum to run the vents. How you test this is when the problem occurs, the fan will still be blowing air, however the flow of air will be out your window defrost vents at the top front of the dash. On a 1995 vehicle, it's likely just some of your vacuum lines are broken, and need replaced or repaired.

What do you do when your heat is frozen up?

If this is the condenser that is frozen, you have a problem with the defrost cycle. There are 2 things that need to be checked, the defrost sensor and the defrost control board. More than likely it is the defrost control board that is the problem and of course that is the more costly of the 2.

Defrost on windstar not working what is part needs to be replaced?

Where the air blows out control are vacuum operated.A more common problem is when the air is stuck on defrost only.The cause is essentially the same, so check out the "Related Question" below for where to go next

Why might the horn not stop blowing in a 2003 Alero?

Hi, I had this problem on a 2000 Alero. Had to disconnect the battery to shut it up. G.M. replaced the horn relay to aleviate the problem. Duke

Why does 1995 econoline 250 keep blowing 15 amp fuse controlling speedo?

Found problem, intermittent short circuit problem in turn signal switch, replaced switch, problem went away.

Why is your car only blowing air at the feet?

If you can Not change the location of the air flow to the different outlets (defrost, dash, floor, etc) That sounds like a mode door problem or a mode door control knob.

My dodge heater blower control only works on low what might be the problem?

Dodges are good for blowing fuses. If that is not it, the fan switch might need replaced.

What is the code for a Montero 2001 serial 99F6784 model MR563520?

Hi have same problem my Montero 2001 serial 99F60514 model MR563520

What if your Ford Taurus wont blow air from the vents?

Cannot tell from the question if the problem is:Air is not blowing at allAir will not come out the dashboard vents, versus defrost or floor directional settingsSee "Related Questions" below for coverage of both

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