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Here is the question you need to answer to answer that question: If you put "X" amount of money (maybe $5000 for a jasper motor or $2000 for a used one maybe); can you take that same amount of money and buy a different car that is in the same condition as what you have? IF the car has relatively few problems, you may be better to bite the bullet and put in a reman engine. However if you haven't done maintenance as you should have, have thin tires, thin brakes, weak suspension parts etc, then maybe you shouldn't drop a motor into it. Keep in mind that moving into another car has potential pitfalls-even new ones. A used car may be a time bomb like you already own. Wasting money on a new one is a foolish expense and when you have problems (even under warranty) the dealer may not take care of the problems in a timely fashion or in a civil manner. Especially now that new car are having record recall problems and the dealers are under pressure to refute claims.

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Q: Your car 97 Plymounth used a lot of oil and need engine valves replaced it has 98000 miles should you spend money on this?
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What has replaced valves in modern computers?

Transistors have replaced valves in modern computers.

Is unleaded fuel good for a cadillac 472 engine?

It is not good for the engine if it is the original setup from the 1970's. Lead is needed for lubrication to the valves. A reconditioned engine can use unleaded fuel if the intake and exhaust valves and the seats are replaced.

Can the valves be replaced in the deep veins with artificial valves?


When should a timing belt be changed in a 1990 Acura Integra?

It should be done every 6 years or 90,000 miles... so it should have been replaced 2 times already hopefully... if in doubt have it replaced... if that little belt rips you will Destroy valves and pistons... basically total engine detonation...

If the spark plugs have oil on them do they need to be replaced?

First things first. What year, make, model, engine, and mileage? When were the spark plugs last replaced? Short answer: Yes. They should be replaced as part of the major engine overhaul your car needs. There should never be any oil on the spark plugs. A little carbon buildup, perhaps, but no oil. That indicates a serious engine proble such as worn out piston rings, worn out valves and guides, or a worn out turbocharger seal.

Does a broken T belt bend valves on a 1996 Honda Civic?

Yes it can bend valves, when the piston makes contact with an open valve if the belt breaks. It can also destroy the piston and crack a head. The 1996 Civic engine is an Interference Engine and as such will self destruct if the belt breaks. The belt should be replaced at 90,000 miles under normal conditions and 60,000 under severe conditions. It should also be replaced at 10 years regardless of mileage.

If the heads were replaced on your car recently should the valves be bent?

No they should not be bent.If your timing belt (or chain) was not installed correctly,(valve train out of time)this will cause bent valves,as they can hit the pistons.A major overheat can also bend valves.

What is the average life expectancy of residential hot water angle valves How often should they be replaced?

No actual life expectancy, when it needs replaced, replace it.

Could my Chevy silverado valves clatter if I had a radiator problem?

Valves will clatter if the engine is overheating.Valves will clatter if the engine is overheating.

What is Valves per Cylinder?

It is exactly what it says. The number of valves the engine has per cylinder. If you have 16 valves on an 8 cylinder engine, you have 2 valves per cylinder.

What material is the engine valves made of?

Most stock engine valves are made from steel alloys. Higher performance/ aftermarket valves are stainless steel, Titanium or inconel (exhaust valves).

How do you replace the engine coil on a Volvo S80?

Engine coil? Are you talking about the ignition coil? Springs are coiled, And valves-spings are coiled…I have never heard of an engine coil w/o specifying which coil needs to be replaced.

At what mileage should idle control valves be replaced?

The idle control valve is not a maintenance part - use until you have a reason to replace. You'll know that when you have a engine trouble code that mentions it as having failed - or other symptoms.

Timing belt broke on 91 Honda accord?

It is almost a sure thing that you have internal engine damage. This engine is an interference engine and when the belt breaks the pistons will make contact with the valves. You will have to remove the head and find out how much damage was done. The cam belt should have been replaced every 90,000 miles.

Why is your 85 Honda prelude being a gas hog?

Various reasons: air filter that needs to be replaced regularly, oil and filter that needs to be replaced regularly, fuel lines are clogged, spark plugs that should be replaced, hoses in need of replacement, tires not inflated to optimum pressures, and engine valves that may need adjustment from time to time.

Does antifreeze flow through the valves?

Cylinder head where valves are-usually. Valves themselves, no. Antifreeze passes around the engine in special chambers known as galleries. It cools the metalwork of the engine and does not (or should not) enter any part of the combustion, or intake system.

Motorcycle uses to much oil?

Worn engine rings or valves Worn engine rings or valves

How many valves in a petrol engine?

An engine may have two, three, or four valves per cylinder.

Polaris 2 stroke--how can I check the reed valves?

Remove the reed cage and look at the valves carefully. If they don't close all the way, or the corners are chipped/cracked, they should be replaced.

What does valves per cylinder do?

Valves per cylinder makes one's engine more powerful or less powerful. A engine that has 2 valves per cylinder is better that a engine that has only one.

How many valves does a 96 Taurus have?

On a 1996 Ford Taurus : The 3.0 liter " Vulcan " V6 engine has ( 2 valves per engine cylinder , total of 12 valves ) The 3.0 liter " Duratec " DOHC , V6 engine has ( 4 valves per engine cylinder , total of 24 valves )

Why do 2000 nubira sudden stops?

I had the same problem. I was driving down the road and all of a sudden the engine quit. It turned out to be the timing belt had broken in mine, timing belts should be replaced every xx,xxx miles or 5 years whichever is sooner, since this is called a zero clearance engine (no indents in the pistons for valves) it also bent 6 valves.

What is and e valve?

There are two types of valves in an engine. The valves are located in the head. There are exhaust valves and fuel intake valves

What else can you do if your shower faucet leaks constantly and you have replaced both hot and cold valves?

Have you replaced the seats and the washers and stems if required? Have you do it properly? If so you have done everything possible and the valve itself is no good and it should be replaced.

What type of valves does two cycle gasoline engine have?

Reed Valves.