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Your car does not overheat while going 70 mph but when you go 75 it overheats why?

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I have a 1991 camaro rs mine is doing the same thing after it overheated once. You might want to check your intake manifold that's what i hae to replaceAnswerbad water pump would be my guess or your engine isn't getting enough air to keep it cool or the fan isn't coming on to help the air flow around the block to cool the radiator or the radiator is clogged and isn't putting out enough coolant to the engine or your thermostat is stuck and is definitly not allowing coolant through could be one of 40 different reasons but those are the only ones i can think of at this point.
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Why would a car overheat going up hill?

The engine works hard and produces a lot more heat than when the car is driven on a leveled road. The car is usually driven slower on the uphill and there isn't as much air cooling the radiator. But the main reason it overheats is that the cooling system is malfunctioning.

Why does a car overheat when there is still antifreeze in it?

Generally, if your car overheats with the proper level of antifreeze, either your water pump has gone bad (not circulating fluid), the thermostat is stuck, or your radiator is clogged up inside. -NAPAman

What is wrong when your temperature gauge goes up in a car?

Your car is starting to overheat or your thermostat is going out. Get it checked.

What is the temperature at which your car overheats?

Each car overheats at a different temperature you need to look up and find out on the internet

What happens if you lose oil pressure?

your car overheats. Your oil is not going through the cylinders creating lots of heat

How could you tell if the water pump is going bad?

your car will overheat, there will be low pressure on your system.

Jeep overheat when going through car wash?

Electric fan or fan clutch has failed.

What happens when your car overheats to the point that it stops?

Worst case scenario--the engine has seized and you are going to be buying a new one.

What happens if a F1 car overheats?

It usually catches on fire as seen at Monaco with one of the Marussia's. It can happen when the car is stationary for too long as they have no fans. Only air cooled radiators. The engineers can see the data so they may ask to save the engine before it damages itself but it really depends how quickly it does overheat. When the car overheats, damage can be done to fuel lines, exhaust systems and even the pistons.

If car overheats can it catch on fire?


What does it mean when you car overheats at high speeds and when stopped rpms go up and down while in neutral?

check egr valve

Why does your car overheat while driving?

Need to change your thermastat i have done that but still over heats when driving

If your car is low on coolant does it cause it to overheat when using the air conditioner What else can cause it to overheat while the air conditioning is on?

Yes, low coolant will cause it to overheat without the AC; that is not the only reason that will cause overheating however.

What causes a car to over heat emitting dense steam?

I have no idea what would cause a car to overheat emitting dense steam. When a car overheats, the first thing I check is the thermostat. When a car emits steam, I look for the place where the steam is coming from. I usually think two different problems are happening at the same time.

Will a car overheat in the winter?

no, it will not

Why does your car overheat after adding transmission fluid?

Your motor oil going bad would cause that. That is in the crankcase, not the transmission.

Why wire g ets burn in car?

Shorts out and overheats or has too much resistance for some other reason and overheats.

How do you know if the thirmistate is going out?

You will know of your thermostat is going out when your car overheats, then turn on your heater really hot on full blast, then the temp will instantly drop. This is a sign of a thermostat gone bad.

How do you know when a thermostat has gone bad?

Car overheats, your heat in your car stops working

Why a car overheats?

Poor coolant circulation in the cooling system.

Car overheats in the rain?

it can..rain has NOTHING to do with your radiator or the thermostat

Does the ac cause the car to overheat?


What was cause a Lincoln town car to overheat?

sometime the fan do not work which can cause the car to overheat. Also it can be a fuse for the fan. Check your thermostat.

Heat inside car works but engine overheats?

Your question is not clear...

Will a car run if the water pump is bad?

Only until it overheats.