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If you stopped as soon as it overheated, you probably have no damage, unless the head gasket has blown. This would require replacing the head gasket and possibly resurfacing or replacing the head. Depends on why the gasket blew, if it indeed is blown. You may have nothing more than a stuck thermostat, bad water pump, low coolant level, clogged radiator, or a non functioning fan. 29s here, a mechanic once told me that the 2.5 motor could go through hell was gasoline panties on. just dont over fill or deprive it of oil.

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Q: Your car was running hot and it overheated you pulled it over and got towed to the garage What are the chances your engine is blown only could smell antifreeze?
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Does a 1997 dodge 1500 have a sensor that will prevent the motor from running if the water pump housing is cracked and leaking antifreeze?

No. It will keep running until overheated to the point of a ruined engine.

Can an overheated engine no antifreeze damage the rear main seal causing a leak?

Overheating can damage any seal.

Do you keep your car running when adding antifreeze?

( NO ) with the engine cool

What causes your engine to burn antifreeze?

Your car shouldn't "burn" antifreeze. If it actually is "burning" antifreeze then chances are you have a blown/leaking head gasket or possibly a cracked engine block which allows antifreeze to enter the combustion chambers. If your antifreeze is just disappearing then it is probably leaking out from somewhere. Possible leak areas to check out would be the radiator hoses, heater hoses, radiator, water pump, and the heater core. Most of the time if the heater core is leaking you'll be able to smell the antifreeze inside the car while the engine is running and the heater is on.

Should the engine be cool or running when adding antifreeze?

Your engine should be cold ( to be on the safe side) when adding antifreeze/coolant. i let the car sit overnight and then add it.

94 cadillac deville concours blowing white smoke out of tail pipes and leaking antifreeze no service engine light and engine is running smooth.?

White smoke is antifreeze, intake or headgasket.

Can running out of antifreeze ruin an engine?

antifreeze does two things. It keeps the water in the radiator from freezing in the winter, and helps prevent if from boiling over and evaporating in the summer. You can run your vehicle with water alone in moderate temperatures and it will do the job. But, if you mean by "running out of antifreeze" you mean there is no liquid in the radiator, then yes, your vehicle can overheat and ruin the engine.

Can a motor run with a missing freeze plug?

Running it without a freeze plug it will run but can and will cause permenant damage to the engine to to the amount of antifreeze you will lose Running it without a freeze plug it will run but can and will cause permenant damage to the engine to to the amount of antifreeze you will lose

Does the car need to be running when adding antifreeze?

No , it's best to add coolant when the engine is cold

Why does your car smell hot and its not?

Many people associate the smell of antifreeze with an overheated engine. The only reason we do that is because we certainly smell antifreeze when the engine is overheated and blowing out antifreeze, but if there is just a slow leak of antifreeze and we smell that, we MIGHT be able to convince ourselves that the engine is overheated. Check for coolant leaks around the engine, radiator and heater hoses. After cooling down and drying out, antifreeze will leave a blue/green powdery subastance. Good luck finding the problem. question did not ask why he was smelling antifreeze if you car smells hot, then obviously it is hot' check for correct coolant level. if coolant is correct the thermostat may be faulty , your water pump may be faulty, or you need a new fan belt so armed with this i would first check thermostat, it is not opening to allow proper amount of coolant to circulate. but also not showing overheating on dash gauge have it checked before you damage your engine

Why wont your overheated engine run?

because it's been overheated and damaged.

Why is there engine oil in the antifreeze?

if there is engine oil in the antifreeze generally indicates a cracked head on the engine

When overheated will a 1996 Mitsubishi turn off?

Engine may seize if overheated to that extreme

Will the loss of radiator fluid and the motorbike was still ridden for 30 mins then require the bike to have a new engine?

If the engine was severely overheated, yes that can cause engine failure.If the engine was severely overheated, yes that can cause engine failure.

Why would your 85 F-150 just STOP running after idling 10 mins or so?

You either ran out of gas or your engine overheated.

Can Antifreeze be added to a warm engine?

Yes it can, as long as the engine is running. Be careful when taking the radiator cap off thou, cause its under pressure.

My car start Jerking then it gradually stopped check engine light flashed then the oil and battery light i popped the hood noticed all my antifreeze overflowing from the tank now car won't start?

Your engine overheated for whatever reason.

What kind of a damage results to the engine when overheats It lost coolant and was totally empty and engine overheated and now it is running weird If still runs. can it be repaired?

you may have damaged the head gasket.

What is wrong when check engine light pops on antifreeze exploded?

Overheated but multiple codes could have come up and more than one possible cayuse. Read trouble codes and start there.

Why do you add antifreeze to your car?

Antifreeze does 2 things. First it protects your engine when the outside temperature is below freezing and the vehicle is not running. If the coolant freezes it could crack your engine block requiring a new engine. Caution: 100% antifreeze will also freeze up if it gets too cold. For best results you have to mix antifreeze and water. Check the antifreeze container for correct mixture. Antifreeze also has other things in it that keeps the water pump in good shape, prevents corrosion of the the radiator and helps transfer heat out of the engine. You need it even in hot weather.

How can you tell if the antifreeze leak under the hood of a 1991 Crown Victoria is the water pump or something else?

if you find puddles of antifreeze around the water pump or while the engine is running,if you feel spits coming off the belt while its running.

Does pouring water into the reserve tank in over heating car causes damage?

It can. You should leave the engine running while you add water to the radiator. If you add water with the engine turned off, but while the engine is overheated, you might damage the engine or the radiator.

What would cause a quick gush of white smoke to come out of the exhaust on a 1999 Dodge Caravan only upon starting?

White smoke is caused by water and or antifreeze entering the cylinder, and the engine trying to burn it with the fuel. The white smoke is steam. There are special gaskets (head gaskets are the primary gaskets) that keep the antifreeze from entering the cylinder area. The cylinder is where the fuel and air mixture are being compressed and burned. Any amount of antifreeze that enters this area will produce a white steam that will be present at the tailpipe area. If white smoke is present, check to see if the proper amount of antifreeze is inside the radiator and the overflow bottle. Also check to see if antifreeze has contaminated the engine oil. You can look at the engine oil dipstick, or look at the under side of the engine oil filler cap. If the oil is contaminated with antifreeze, it will have the appearance of a chocolate milkshake. Do not start the engine if the oil is contaminated with antifreeze, as serious internal engine damage can result. How did antifreeze get in the oil or cylinder in the first place? The engine probably overheated and a head gasket failed due to excessive heat, thus allowing antifreeze to enter the cylinder (Where it is not meant to be).

You think antifreeze is getting into the pistons and the engine is not wanting to stay running antifreeze is getting into the pistons?

Is there white smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe , even when the engine is warmed up? That's the most obvious sign that coolant is getting into an engine cylinder from a bad head gasket , a warped or cracked head

How hot can an overheated engine get?

1000 degrees plus

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