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That's a pretty big question with not very much information. First, I'd plug in a code scanner to figure out what the COMPUTER thinks is wrong. The computer is seldom wrong.

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Q: Your check engine and oil lights came on your car turned off and now it wont start what wrong with it?
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How do you start a motor?

After washing as i turn on the engine, the BAS light is turned on and the lights weakened and not started.

The dash lights come on but the engine won't start?

If the dash lights come on, but the engine won't start, check the starter. There could also be a problem with the fuel line or the spark plugs. If the engine turns over, but won't start, check all of the fuel sensors. If the motor has a clicking or buzzing sound, check the alternator.

94 jeep wrangler 4.0 intermittently will crank but not start recently died while running it will not start if the upshift and check engine lights do not illuminate when key is turned?

check your fuel line.... and u might look at the oil and air filter too.

Why do your lights turn onbut your engine wont start?

Battery could be low, it takes more energy to start engine Check starter wires

Your check engine light on your 1997 ford explorer does not come on when the key is turned in the auxiliary position Mechanic says it will not pass inspection unless the light is on. How do you correc?

Your check engine light will not come on in the auxilary (accesory) position. It comes on when the key is in the on (run) position to check the warning lights just before you start the vehicle.

Why my check engine check lights won't appear when my Toyota Cressida ignition is turned on and it cranks ok but will not start?

could be a bad crank sensor, it wont always set a code, ive had a few that dont. if you have a scope or scan tool, manually check that the sensor is good.

If a 1998 Pontiac Transport 3400 starts but stalls out what should you check?

There's a solinoid in the transmission.Suggest to check that first. Turn on interior lights. Start engine. If the lights go out when the engine stalls, you have a bad ignition switch.

What is the problem with an 1990 corvette the engine will not turn over or start when ignition turned on?

check the battery and connections/cables

Should A 1974 Volkswagen bus be turned on to check the oil?

No, leave the engine off to check the oil. When you start the engine it sucks all the oil out of the crankcase, so none will appear on the dipstick.

Lights on the dash nuff already how can you turn - disable - the lights on your dash tire pressure service engine soon abs trac engine security light. can these lights be disabled?

Are you saying that all these lights stay on after you start the car? If so, you need to get the problems fixed that are causing the lights to stay lit. You have these problems. ABS-Anti-Lock Brake System problem. Check Engine- Emissions Controls Problem Trac- Traction control turned off Tire Pressure-Low Tire Pressure Security-?? Read your owners manual carefully.

How do you fix Toyota mark II won't start?

FLIP same thing happen to me today. dash lights turned off and all of a sudden the whole car, now it wont start no lights on the dash not even a crank from the engine. so depressed :(

How do you turn off the light on a 2000 Chevy Impala?

What light? Headlights / Parking lights can only be turned off while in park. turn the engine off, set the parking brake. Start the engine..... as soon as you remove the parking brake the lights will come back on

When the engine is hot the check engine light is on and the fan don't start?

when the engine is hot the check engine light came on and the fan(is ok) don't start

Does a 1990 jeep wrangler have a check engine dash light?

No. Check engine lights didn't start in the Wrangler until the MPI system came out for the 1991 model years. For both the 4 and 6 cyl engines.

If all the lights work but the engine wont start with a new battery what might be the problem?

Will it turn over? if yes then check for spark and fuel

Skoda octavia 2006 not start key is ok lights in the panel comes and then off and engine not start?

Underneath steering wheel check relay 100&103

Why would a 2003 Jeep Liberty randomly show battery lights and check engine lights and randomly not start?

This is simple. I call it American manufacturing. No attention to detail, carelessness and sleeping on the job.

Why would a 1995 New Yorker die when driving with check engine and oil lights on but start back up when you turn the ignition again?

It's possible that the engine actually died just before the Check Engine and oil pressure lights came on. If that's the case, the problem could be little more than the engine needing a tune-up or its idle speed raised.

Why does my car not start after it is jumped and no clicking sound comes from the engine.?

Do the lights and other accessories come on? Check the starter or the keyswitch if everything else is working.

What are the symptoms of bad camshaft sensor on a 2003 Chrysler Voyager van?

Check engine light on, cuts out, no start.Check engine light on, cuts out, no start.

Why wont your Mitsubishi eclipse start after the check engine light came on?

The computer doesn't allow to start the engine. Check the error code.

Why wont your car start and your oil lights on?

Maybe you need to check the oil The oil light will stay on until the engine starts. If the oil light was on when it was running and now it will not start then you may have internal engine damage. Take it to a professional.

How do you shut off daylights on a 1999 Chevy blazer?

by design the DAY-TIME-RUNNING lights are not intended to be turned off by choice. When you start the 99 blazer with the parking brake on, the DTR lights are off. When you release the parking brake they come on. When you park again and apply the parking brake the DTR lights will stay on, unless you stop the engine and re-start the engine. Since the DTR lights are inter-wired to the regular headlights, they can not be defeated without affecting the regular headlights.

93 Camaro V6 engine only a single click when trying to start it Headlights are bright as is dome light Battery terminals are clean and secure?

check the starter, or maybe check the battery may be enough voltage for lights, but not to crank the engine over.

2001 Oldsmobile Aurora you replaced the battery about a month ago When you went to start car this morning lights came on when key was turned to start and then suddenly everything went dead?

check your battery connectins. you could have a bad ground

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