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Q: Your mx-6 will not start has no spark out of coil but tests good?
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How do you breakdown a ryobi start plus cs30 trimmer?

spark plug is good but when its plug in to coil on spark

How do you test the coil on lesabre 3800 engine?

I think you remove one of the spark plug wires from the coil and hold it far apart from the coil. Have someone turn the key so the car is turning over. Bring the spark plug wire closer to the coil and if there is spark the coil is good. Note: if you hold to close you will get a very good jolt of spark if the coil is good, that is why you start far away and work your way closer.

What if there is no spark on a 1993 Chevrolet S10 the coil is good?

start with checking the fuses, coil wire, distributor cap and rotor.

1989 Mazda will not start it is getting fuel and has a good spark from the coil to the distributor cap but has a week spark at the plugs Have replaced ignition coil distributor pickup coil plug wires?

try to get a new ignition rotor

What color is the spark if the ignition coil is good?

The spark is always blue. If your coil is bad your engine will misfire.

After changing the ignition module on your probe gt still have no spark?

Why start with the module? The coil is is a good place to start. Make sure of course you have voltage at the coil, if not trace it back.

95 4 runner cranks but will not start good fuel pump spark from coil good relays good ran low of oil?


If the engine jumped time could it cause the spark plugs not to fire on a 1966 Valiant?

You will still have spark, car will try to start or backfire. If no spark at all the plugs see if you have GOOD spark from coil. If coil is working then you will find the problem in between the coil and the plugs, probably a distributor component issue. The ballast resister is a possible cause also.

How do you test a magneto coil?

If you have access to a spark tester, use it. Otherwise, remove the spark plug, reconnect it to the spark plug wire, and rest the tip or threads on a good engine ground, AWAY from the spark plug hole. Attempt to start it, and watch for spark. If none, replace the spark plug and try again. If still no spark, the magneto coil may be faulty.

1989 Jeep Cherokee 4L won't start but will try to turn over and it has no spark also has a good ignition coil what could it be?

it could be the coil pick up in your distributor

1991 Sunbird 2.0 Quit No spark replaced coil and ignition module pickup coil tests OK Have spark at all 4 plug wires good fuel at injector can hear fuel pump Timing belt OK Will not start?

Is there any chance that your fuel has water in it? This happened to an older vehilce of ours and while there was what appeared to be fuel at the injectors, it was too watered down to allow the vehicle to start.

97 Toyota T100 won't start wet plugs and spark Good compression?

Check spark plug wires, distributor cap, and coil for cracks that let moisture in.

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