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Your piston is not going down when you try to compress it on a 1991 olds cutlass suprem?

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If one piston moves 10cm how far will the large piston move if the small piston has 100 N going down?


On a 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme if the plunger in the rear brake caliper will not go in so you can change the brake pads and the C-clamp will not work what should you do?

IT WON'T COMPRESS BECAUSE THE PISTON HAS TO BE SCREWED BACK IN WHILE COMPRESSING THE PISTON AT THE SAME TIME - THAT IS ALSO HOW THE BRAKE'S (BRAKE PEDDLE) IS ADJUSTED.ALSO THEY MAKE SPECIAL TOOLS TO DO THAT - IF YOU REALLY NEED THEM.& ALSO THE BLEEDER SCREW SHOULD BE LOOSENED (if calipher is removed) so as NOT TO PUSH COMTAMINATED FLUID BACK INTO THE (ANTI-LOCK) SYSTEM (if equiped) & NOT TO PUSH BAD FLUID BACK INTO THE MASTER CYLINDER. Autozone sells a neat little tool that attaches to your 3/8" ratchet, just like a socket. It has grip devices that will grip the top of the piston and allow you to easily screw the piston back into the caliper. The little tool is inexpensive (around 2.00) and is a lifesaver if you are going to do rear disc brakes .

How do you avoid gasoline going in the oil?

The gasoline is avoided to go into the oil by few piston rings placed on the piston of the engine. Actually, the piston rings are made for this purpose only.

Which is better for a toothache A cold or hot compress?

I have just learned that if you have an infection you should NOT use heat. The reason being is that it draws the infection out, and encourages it to spread. Cold is the way to go if you are going to use a compress (although it may be difficult. I know that a warm compress has helped me more than a cold compress.)

Differentiate between a reciprocating mortion of a cylinder piston and a rotary motion?

Rotary means going around, like in a Wankel. Reciprocating means going back and forth. like in a ordinary piston engine.

Is there any 3 stroke engine?

No. How could there be? The "stroke" of an engine is the piston going up or down. If the spark plug fires and piston goes down, then up,and then fires again, then it's a two-stroke engine. IN a 4-stroke engine, the spark plug fires, piston does down, then up to exhaust the cylinder, then down to suck in fresh air and cool the cylinder, and up again to compress, and the spark plug fires every other "up". How could you have a "three-stroke" engine? The spark plug fires and the explosion pushes the piston down, and the crankshaft pushes it back up. Then back down. If the spark plug fires while the piston is DOWN, the engine will seize up. Nope. In a piston engine, the number of "strokes" is always an even number. For radial or Wankel engines, things are different - but in those there is no piston, and no "stroke".

What is the firing order on 1993 Olds Cutlass Ciera?

The firing order for a 93 Oldsmobile - Cutlass Ciera S is................ 123. 456 going upwards...that what it is on mine. thanks Dee

How do you move the rear brake caliper on a 97 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme to fit the brake pads?

they must be screwed in because the e=brake is built into caliper. there is a tool kit that uses the grooves on piston but you can use channel lock pliers to turn piston don't chew up dust seal around piston .the right side is clockwise to turn in i think the left is ccw to turn in when piston starts moving in you going the right way. make sure you line the slots on the piston with the pins on the brake pads if not lined up you never get caliper on good luck ps when all done pump and release the e brake 20 time to self adjust the pistons

How do you change a piston in 93 Crown Victoria?

if you have to change a piston, you need to rebuild the whole motor. your going to have it apart any nad have to replace all of the gaskets.

How does the intake valve work?

The intake valve opens as the piston is going down. It lets in an air fuel mixture. The valve then shuts as the piston reaches the bottom.

What are valves for on a motor?

A internal combustion engine works by exploding fuel inside a confined space, over the top of a piston. first the explosion pushes down the piston then the piston has to come up again. For this to able to take place there has to be a way for the fuel to get into the space over the piston and a way for the burnt gas to get out again. So a system of valvesUsually two valves for each piston (although sometime it can be more) One valve Inlet valve) opens to allow fuel into the cylinder head as the piston goes down, it then closes. as the piston moves up it compress the fuel gas, the spark plug fires and as the piston starts to head back down again the fuel explodes forcing the piston down faster. When the piston with the spent fuel reaches the bottom of the stroke it the other valve( exhaust valve) opens up to allow the spent fuel to exhaust out of the motor into the exhaust pipe. and closes again. in a motor all of this is very cleverly timed so that all of the pistons work as a team and keep the engine going.

How do you replace a piston on a small engine?

need to be more specific on what kind of small engine to give you exact information on how to pull the piston. . . but generally you just need to pull the head and cylinder off. . . the remove the wrist pin that holds the piston to the piston rod and your piston will come out. . . now getting the new one back is is going to be a different story :) . . . you are going to have to stagger the ring gaps to make sure you are holding compression . . . basically just make sure none of the ring gaps on your piston rings line up when you put the new piston back in and oil your cylinder pretty good too helps with putting it in and with breaking in the new piston.

Chrysler cirrus has power loss going up hill?

Could be a blown head gasket or the piston rings Could be a blown head gasket or the piston rings

How a 350 engain works?

The gas Engine is a 4 stroke engine, Nother words the piston must make 4 stroke's to run. Here's the 4 strokes. Entake, compression, power and exhaustWhen you turn the engine over with the starter a piston starts moving, As it starts going down the intake valve starts opening witch lets air and fuel come into the cylinder. That's the intake stroke.When the piston is compleatly down the intake and exhaust valves are closed, When the piston starts back up it will compress the air and fuel, this will be the compression stroke. As soon as the piston reaches the top of the cylinder the spark plug fires witch Explodes the air and fuel mixture that's in the cylinder and drives the piston down. This will be the power stroke. When the piston is all the way down and starts up again, The exhaust valve will open and the piston will push the exhaust gases out into the exhaust pipe. This will be the exhaust stroke. Then the piston starts down, intake valve opens and it does all over again.I hope you understand now. This is all happin real fast

What causes white smoke when you first start the car?

piston rings going bad oil leaking around to top of piston so when you start the oil will burn white

Where is the starter located in a 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass?

Starter is always going to be on the bottom rear of the engine connected to the flywheel.

What is the gas gauge wire color of a 1970 Oldsmobile cutlass?

The color of the wire going to the fuel tank sending unit from the tank level instrument on the dash is taupe (or light tan). 1970 Olds Cutlass SX

Is a cam lift of 539 going to hit the piston in a 350 Chevy?

It might. Better check first.

You cant push the piston on your rear brakes back in on my 02 Volvo s40?

Sounds like a siezed piston. This occurs typically from two causes. Either the piston is not aligned perfectly with the cylinder bore or there is corrosion on the cylinder walls behind the piston preventing it from going into the bore. Brake fluid is hydoscopic, meaning it attracts & absorbs water. If the fluid is not changed at the recommended intervals, any moisture in the fluid will cause corrosion in the brake lines, cylinders, etc. The solution is to remove and rebuild or replace the caliper. A flush of the brake fluid would also be prudent. The rear brakes on your '02 s40 are slightly different from the front. On the front, you can press the piston in. On the rear, the piston needs to be screwed in. Notice the slot going across the head of the piston? There is a special tool that looks like a small block and sits on top of piston and a small piece sets in the slot as the block sits on the piston. Turn clockwise to press in. You can use pliers of some sort but need to be careful because you can rip the rubber. You need to turn the piston in clockwise direction to push in the piston

What direction is the piston going during the compression?

Using directions like upwards in this context is meaningless because you haven't defined how the piston is oriented.During the compression stroke of a typical 4-stroke gasoline engine, the piston takes energy from the crankshaft. The reason the whole scheme still works is that you get a lot more energy back after the combustion during the power stroke. Add up the total energy moved between the piston and the crankshaft over a whole cycle (two rotations of the crankshaft), and you will find the total being positive from piston to crankshaft.

How do you fix an electric window that has power going to it on a 97 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

apparently the window motor is bad and will need replaced.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1969 Oldsmobile cutlass?

Should be right in front of the carburetor, basically centre of the engine, steel pipe going into it.

Why was damper made?

the damper was made to absorb the shocks when the Car going through the pitfalls it composes of piston , cylinder and we can find oil ,when the shock happen the piston will take this shock and transfer it to oil and the oil will absorb the shock.

What is the difference between a Gas turbine engine and a piston engine?

The difference is what is doing the work, in a gas turbine the turbine spinning does the work and in a piston engine the pistons going up and down moving the crank shaft does the work.

How do you change brake pads on a 2000 Grand Am SE?

Go to the brake cylinder reservoir open the cap, this will release any back pressure in your break line when you compress your piston back in place. after you remove the wheel, three's going to be two bolts on the inside of the brake caliper. if i can remember right they should be half inch bolts...take them out and the caliper assembly should be able to be pulled up and off. slide out the old brake pads, and then use a pipe clamp or some sort of clamp to compress the piston on the caliper. don't go too fast or you'll get brake fluid everywhere just go slow and compress it all the way in. then put on your new pads, slip the assembly back over the rotor, and tighten the bolts back in, but put some locktite thread glue on the bolts, or they might vibrate loose. tighten down the bolts and you're done. hope this helps

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