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there could be a bad ground for the lights, or there is a short somewhere between your fuse panel and your light


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i checked the fuses and don't know if this is the problem---should i lood for somethin else?

Check the brake switch under your pedal (which needs to be pushed when the brake pedal is depressed). This is what the problem was on my friends Sentra. As long as you have checked the lights and fuses, this should do it.

The bulbs should be checked on a 1993 Dodge Dakota if the taillights are not working. The plugs on the trailer package should also be checked to make sure that they are working.

i think you have cancer you should get it checked out

your engine has a timing chain,no rubber belt but after 250k plus the chain wears and should be checked

If your interior lights are dimming, either your battery or starter could be failing. You should have your car checked.

This could mean that the light is out on the brake light. It could be a circuit is not connecting properly. Check to make sure all your lights are working properly. If its still on you should have it checked as it might be a electrical problem instead. == Answer ++ It could also mean you have a problem with your master brake cylinder. You should have your brakes checked out before you have trouble stopping.

If the baggage is checked and not carried on, there should be no problem with it. If you have a question contact the TSA and ask.

Aircraft landing lights are key to takeoff and landing, and should always be working and checked prior to takeoff. Replacement lights can be purchased from Amglo and XEVision.

it doesnt. you should get that checked it may be a problem with the relay

The problem is the reverse light switch. It is located on the top of the transmission that should sloved your problem.

the fuse should be labelled tail lights.(whats the problem with no. plate lights?)

No. If you think this is a problem you should ask for an STD panel.

The fact that the lights don't work may be a problem with the fuse. You should have your radio examined by a professional.

If you have no dash lights at all on your 1989 S10 Blazer, a blown bulb can be the problem. You should also check the fuse.

If the bulb will not work the fuses under the dash should be checked. When these fuse fail the brake lights will not turn on.

Many things can make the lights indicating trouble come on in an automobile. The lights are there to alert you to problems, red ones indicate there is a problem requiring immediate attention, while the yellow mean there is a potential threat looming. Any light should be checked out by a diagnostic machine at your local repair shop before a major problem occurs. Sometimes, the problem can be as minor as a bad sensor.

Well, it is a chemical but non-hazardous. If you put it in checked luggage there should not be a problem.

Not sure but I think it is suppossed to be light brown. You should definately get that checked out!

The major signs of a bladder problem are very frequent urination or no urination at all. The bladder problem could also be from dehydration and should be checked out by a doctor.

Brake lights should NOT be effected by the headlights. Brake light function is completely independent of the headlights. Assuming you are not refering to the tail lights, or marker lights, which are supposed to come when the head lights are turned on. Not having brake lights when the head lights are on is a big safety problem and should be corrected.

To fix an Xbox with 3 red lights, the power supply should be checked and unplugged. An outlet in another room can be used to test the console.

If the night running lights have failed the bulbs should be checked. Find the bulb housings and remove the parts. After the bulbs are replaced check the lights.

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