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President Barack Obama's mother was part Cherokee on her grandmothers side.

As was Sally Thompson Coolidge,the Honorable President Calvin Coolidge great-grandmother was part Native American. Calvin Coolidge was the first with a Native American bloodline. His culture and ethnicity was a makeup of Native American heritage and English Immigration to America.

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Q: Has there ever been a us president with native American blood?
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How many Native Americans hold political office?

I know of only two current Native Americans in state or federal political offices. Scott Big Horse is a State Representative in Oklahoma, and a member of the Osage and Cherokee nations. Tom Cole is a US Representative from Oklahoma and is a member of the Chickasaw Nation. Several other past politicians have been members of Native American tribes.

Who is the American governor of the Philippines?

The first American governor-general of the Philippines was William Howard Taft. He was appointed by then President, William McKinley in 1900. There has been no American Governor of the Philippines since 1946.

The clapp rider to the Indian appropriations bill?

Was passed in Congress in the late 1800s and allowed Indians with white blood to sell their land (they previously hadn't been allowed to under the Dawes Act). "Race experts" came to Native American lands and told many people that they had white blood, even if they didn't. They then duped them into selling their best land.Type your answer here...

Which president was born an American citizen al before him were born in the british coloney?

All Presidents of the United States of America have been American citizens, but Martin Van Buren (1782-1862), eighth president of the United States (1837-1841) was the first President born after the United States won its independence from Britain.

How many women have been elected president or vice president?

At this writing, 5/3/2010, no woman has ever been elected President or Vice President of the US.

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''American blood has been spilled on American soil'' was a quote by?

President Polk

is or has there ever been a native American in the presidential cabinet?

no. never, but there are probably some presidents With native blood way Down in the family-tree

President Polk's claim that American blood had been shed on the American soil referred to news of an armed clash between Mexican and American troops near?

President Polk's claim that American blood had been shed on the American soil referred to news of an armed clash between Mexican and American troops near the Rio Grande.

American president who refused to annex Hawaii on the grounds that the native ruler had been unjustly deposed?

Grover Cleveland

Was any presidents a slave?

Obama is our first black president. All 43 have been white rich guys. No woman, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American have been president either.

Why is Obama the president if he is not an American citizen?

Obama is, in fact, a native born citizen of the US, having been born in the state of Hawaii.

Who is the president for Florida?

No native of Florida has ever been President, but Andrew Jackson had been Governor of Florida when it was a Territory.

What have all American president been?

They have been male.

Who is the first president to be born as an American citizen learned English as a second language?

Martin Van Buren was the first President to be born after independence was declared. All U.S. Presidents have been native speakers of English.

Was any American president not an American citizen?

No, not only to you need to be an American citizen to become president of the United States, you also need to have been born in America. Therefore, there have been no US presidents (Including President Obama) that have not both been born in the US and been American Citizens.

Have you ever had a African American vice president?

No, there has never been an African American vice president.

American rebels in Hawaii seek annexation by the US but the American president turns them down?

Grover Cleveland refused to annex Hawaii in 1981, on the grounds that the native ruler, Queen Lilioukalani, had been unjustly deposed.