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AnswerFranklin D. Roosevelt actually was elected 4 times but died not even a year into his fourth. He was the only president to be successfully elected but others tried for third terms before the 22nd amendment was passed (limiting to 2 terms as president): Teddy Roosevelt tried for a third term running as a progressive (he had been running as a republican originally) and he lost
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no there are no such thing as US president elected consecutively 3 times... as what the US Constitution dictates that the president shall serve only 2 terms every 4 years he or she should run again for the national elections. if he or she won the 2nd national elections all in all he or she served for almost 8 years

yes, FDR was elected FOUR times (1932, 36, 40, 44). The term limits were put in place 6 years after he died with the 22nd amendment to the constitution.

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Q: Were any us presidents elected to 3 terms?
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What are the terms for the US president?

US Presidents have always been elected for a four year period

How many US presidents have been elected to more than two terms in office?

Only one--Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to four terms, though he died before he could complete his fourth. In response, the US Constitution was amended to prohibit future Presidents from being elected to more than two terms.

Can a president serve 4 terms if not how did Franklin D. Roosevelt get elected to 4 terms?

Currently, presidents of the US are limited to two elected terms by the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution. FDR was elected to four terms because the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution wasn't proposed until after FDR died during his fourth term.

US president who was elected to two nonconsecutive terms as the country's 22 and 24 US president?

Grover Cleveland

What is the term for a us president?

vary's on if they if they where alected twice and if they where impeached

Is it a rule in US a president cannot be elected for third time?

Yes presidents are limited to two terms now as of the passing of the 22nd amendment.

Which you s president was elected to four tems in office?

All the US Presidents were elected to an initial four-year term. Maybe you're asking who was elected to four terms of office (won four Presidential elections): Franklin D. Roosevelt.

How many us presidents have there benn?

As of November 2011, there are 44. Technically, there are 43 because Grover Cleveland was elected to 2 non-consecutive terms.

Who were the us presidents elected to one term?


When are presidents of the US elected?

US presidents are elected every four years, in years divisible by 4. Election day is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

May presidents serve any number of terms?

Not any more. There is a two term limit on the US. presidency

What are two different days that US Presidents are elected?

Not sure what you mean. The US president is elected on one day.