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a change from the government

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Q: What did Russian peasants workers and the middle class want from the government?
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Who were the peastants?

Peasants were low income workers in the middle ages, farmworkers etc.

Who were the third estate people during the french revolution?

Middle class, peasants, city workers, and bourgeoise.

Who paid most of the taxes in prerevolutionary France?

The 3rd Estate Which consisted of peasants, Middle Class People and Workers.

What 3 groups made up the 3rd estate?

The first estate was made up of clergies The second estate was made up of nobilities The third estate was made up of everyone who is not included in the first and second estate (According to Abbe Sieyes "what is the 3rd estate?" - everything)

What did peasants do at renaissance faires?

what did the peasants do in the middle ages

Were peasants the largest group in the first estate?

The first estate consisted of the members of clergy. The second estate was made of the nobility classes, and the third estate was what contained the peasants, Parisians (or urban workers), and the bourgeoisie who were the upper middle class and were the richest of this estate.

Who did middle age peasants work for?

Peasants worked for knights, who worked for lords.

Did peasants wear hats in the middle ages?

Yes, some peasants wore hats.

What two groups rebell against the government in the 1910 Mexican revolution?

poor workers and the middle class

What two groups rebelled against the government in the 1910 Mexican Revolution?

poor workers and the middle class

What were the peasants and Laborers called?

In the middle ages through the Russian Empire, they were known as serfs. The lowest caste in India are the sudra (shudra), who are servants and laborers. Other names used are peons, menials, and drudges.

Different social groups which joined the non cooperation movement?

The social groups of India,that joined the non-cooperation movement of 1921 were as under :(i)Middle-class people (students,headmasters,teachers,lawyers,etc)(ii)Political parties except the justice party of madras,the parties of non - brahmans(iii)Merchants and trders(iv)Peasants of awadh led by baba Ramchandra(v)Tribals of Andhra Pradesh led by Alluri Sitaram Raju(vi)Plantation workers in assam