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from 1600 to 1750, the middle colonies were all democrat. Later, in 1819, The colonies decided to have more than one they brought in republicans and the heroins. The heroins soon died out due to an epidemic that swept throughout Asia, Portugal, and the Atlantic Ocean's rainbow fish, which were caught and eaten by the Eastern colonies who moved west into the middle colonies.

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They had a penal governmentiThis meant that there were mainly convicts, marines and the wives of the marines although free settlers started to arrive in 1793. In 1823, the British government established a New South Wales parliament by setting up a Legislative Council as well as a Supreme Court under the New South Wales Act 1823 (UK).

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During the late 1600s and early 1700s the middle British colonies had a limited government. This is a government, where everyone must obey the laws of the government. The reason why the British colones had a limited government was because King Jonh I had too much power and a lot of peasants that were being unjustly taxed complained to their Lords who wrote this document called the called the Magna Carta. They forced King John I to sign this document in 1215, saying that he couldn't impose taxes or laws unless he had the consent of the people first.

That's mainly all I know. I hope it helped!!

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Q: What type of government system did the Middle Colonies have from 1600 to 1750?
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There was a few developments of the local government affected the colonies. The main affects were power and money.

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How were the early colonies governed in the 1600's?

The middle colonies were governed by the king. they were under his authority and subject to his will and pleasure. These colonies were also known as the royal colonies.

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What did The Middle Colonies practice their religion?

The religion in the middle clines was the Quakers. These "Quakers", were the hippies of the 1600's, they didn't use slaves, and fought against war. The main majority or people their practiced "Quakerism"...overall they didn't use slaves, didn't have war, and wanted to help other colonies.

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