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Depending on the geography in question, life for your average individual ranged from turbulent and difficult, to slow and predictable. Boston was known for having more intellectuals per capita than most of the population centers, and had a correspondingly higher standard of living. Areas which were agriculturally focused, such as those in rural Pennsylvania, and the like, experienced changes at a slower pace, and thus were less directly effected by tensions with the British government. Finally, it depends on which ASPECT of life you were looking to explore. For example, the answer could vary considerably if you wished to explore economic history in this time period.

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The 1700s was a time of change in the American colonies. The colonies were under the thumb of the British Empire and they wanted freedom.

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America in the 1700s was characterized by agrarian kinds of lifestyle with the main mode of transport being horse carriages. Wealth was measured mostly by the amount of land someone had.

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Q: What was colonial American society like in the early 1700s?
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