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There was a transformation from stalinist state-capitalism(USSR) to neo-liberal free market theories. The doctrine was very Friedmann and is named shock-doctrine. The idea was to shock the economy back to free market status.

When the economies of the eastern Europe were collapsing various companies and capitalists took their chance to ravage the unstable and unprotected countries. This resulted in a decline of average lifespan of almost 20 years. Workers rights were even more destroyed and the countries and their inhabitants faced an even worse crisis than under the USSR.

Many of those who have ruled during the USSR were still in charge, and the corruption of governments were enormous. Many of these candidates were sponsored by private interests that wanted to keep up the lawless status of economies, preventing workers putting a stop to it.

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The typical problems faced by newly independent nations freed after World War 2 included internal divisions and struggles for power.

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Q: What were some problems faced by the new countries formed by the split of the USSR?
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