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1. Barack H. Obama

2. George W. Bush

3. Bill Clinton

4. George H. W. Bush

5. Ronald Reagan

6. Jimmy Carter

7. Gerald Ford

8. Richard Nixon

9. Lyndon Johnson

10. John F. Kennedy

11. Dwight Eisenhower

12. Harry Truman

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The Presidents of the United States since 1970 were: Richard Nixon (#37) (1969 - 1974) Gerald Ford (#38) (1974 - 1977) Jimmy Carter (#39) (1977 - 1981) Ronald Reagan(#40) (1981 - 1989) George H W Bush (#41) (1989 - 1993) Bill Clinton (#42) (1993 - 2001) George W Bush (#43) (2001 - 2009) and the current President is Barack Obama(#44) (2009 - present)

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Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama
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george w bush,William j Clinton,George Bush,Ronald regan,jimmy carter,Gerald r Ford,Richard m Nixon,and lyndon B Johnson

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Q: Who were the last 12 US presidents?
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