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Q: Whose picture on 100 dollar bill?
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Whose picture is on the 100 dollar bill?

Since 1914 it has been a picture of Benjamin Franklin with Independence Hall on the reverse.

Whose on 100 dollar bill?

Ben Franklin

What does a 1981 100 bill look like?

a 1981 100 dollar bill had a picture of franklin d. roosevelt on it.

What picture is on the tail of the 100 dollar bill?

The U.S. Treasury Building

Whose picture is on the 1837 us 100 dollar bill?

The first Federally-issued 100 bills were printed in 1862. Please check your bill again and post a new, separate question with more information that might help to ID it.

What does plies tattoo say on his arm?

it a 100 dollar bill a picture

Whose faces are on the bills above the 100 dollar bill?

Woodrow Wilson on the 100,000 USD bill

Whose face was on the US currency and was not a president?

Benjamin Franklin on the 100 dollar bill.

Whose face was on a US bill but wasn't president?

Benjamin Franklin is on the 100 dollar bill and was never President.

Is Benjamin Franklin on a bill?

American $100 bill :)

Which US currency bills do not picture a president on the obverse side?

The ten Dollar bill featuring Alexander Hamilton , and the 100 Dollar bill featuring Benjamin Franklin.

What is the name of the president whose picture is on 100.00?

The U.S. $100 bill has a picture of Benjamin Franklin, who was an accomplished scientist, inventor, and statesman, but he was NOT president.