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The transmission leak should not have affected the way the engine starts. Repairing the transmission leak should not have affected the way the engine starts. A new battery should only have IMPROVED the way the engine starts. If someone was not careful and allowed a small particle to get into the fuel line as they were re-connecting it, it could certainly block the injector and cause starting problems, especially if it's a throttle-body (single injector) injected engine.

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2006-04-18 10:51:07
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Q: Would a pretty good leak in the transmission fluid affect the ability of a fuel injected car to start as it has a new battery and a new gas line that was re-routed they said?
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How do you put in a starter?

disconnect negative battery cable first, locate it( usually near the transmission) generally has 2 or 3 bolts holding it in, remove them and pull it free after disconnecting the wires.

Where is the starter on a 2001 Nissan Frontier?

It is bolted into the transmission bell housing on passenger side. There are two bolts that go through the bell housing from the back side. DISCONNECT BATTERY FIRST.

Where is the starter in a 1995 Tahoe?

The starter is going to be on the right side of the bellhousing. where te hengine and the transmission meet. It will be held in place by two bolts. Before you go messing with it make sure the battery is disconnected. Do remember that if the vehicle has a theftlock radio it needs to be disable before diconnecting the battery. Tizo

Can you start a car without a battery in the vehicle?

I would say no, not unless it has a handle or something, even then i am not sure. You have to have a battery with just a little bit of juice in it to roll start a manual transmission car. Just enough to fire the spark plugs and that takes very little. Only manual transmissions can be roll started not automatics.

Can you jump start an automatic car?

If you mean 'jumpstart' as in, 'with battery cables,' yes, absolutely. In fact, this would be the preferred method of emergency-starting a vehicle with a dead battery.If, however, you mean to 'pushstart' an automatic transmission vehicle, DON'T!! It can be done, but the risk of damage to the transmission is so high that it should only be done in extreme emergency.

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no i disagree. Yes you can push start it if it has a manual transmission.

Does the Battery in a 2002 accord have anything to do with powering the transmission?

battery does not power the transmission,but it does run the computer that tells the transmission what to do

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1989 D150 dodge ram pickup?

On a fuel injected truck it is a part of the computer behind the battery.On a fuel injected truck it is a part of the computer behind the battery.

Does the car battery effect the transmission?

Not if it is a manual transmission. And it's "AFFECT" not "Effect"

Where is the transmission stick located?

Next to the battery

Where is the trans range sensor located on a Saab 900S?

The transmission range sensor is located underneath the battery and battery tray on the left side of the transmission. It connects to a wire harness and from there to the transmission it self.

What could be wrong if the battery and transmission light are lit up on a Dodge Magnum 2006?

the battery and transmission are broken Have the system checked for trouble codes.

What causes a transmission to stop working after changing a battery in a 2000 Ford Wind star?

The transmission connector is right below the battery it could have been knocked loose.

Why is your 99 Mercury Cougar blowing transmission fluid out the dip stick?

You may want to check to see if the transmission line that runs underneath your battery is pinched. We recently had the same experience, and it was determined that when the battery was replaced, the transmission line was pinched because it sits directly underneath the battery.

Were is the reverse sensor in a 95 eclipse?

If the transmission is a manual and for the 2.0 non turbo its underneath the battery on the top of the transmission

Where do you add transmission fluid for 1998 Mitsubishi galant?

Where the transmission dipstick is located which is near the battery... Kinda under it.

Can a bad battery go dead while driving the car leaving power to everything else but lose the ability to accelerate?

Check your Transmission, the battery gives the car the energy to start once the car is started you can remove the battery and the car will stay working until you turn it off. you might need a tune up i had a car with a bad altinatore that did the same thing

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