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The enzyme amylase breaks the complex sugars into simple sugars. The enzyme pepsin in the stomach breake the peptide bond to get peptides. The enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin from pancreas break the peptides to amino acids, in the small intestine.

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Q: What breaks complex sugars into simple sugars and proteins down to amino acids?
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What breaks down complex sugars to simple sugars in the mouth and small intestine?


What does salivary amylases break down?

Amylase breaks down complex sugars into simple sugars.

Is amylase safe as a digestive enzyme?

Yes. Amylase is an emzyme that breaks down complex sugars such as starch into simple sugars.

Summarize the differences between simple sugars double sugars and complex sugars?

simple sugars are the sugars that are bad for the body and then the double are the sugars that are twice as bad and takes out more energy during the breakdown of the body . complex sugars are pretty self explanatory . :D Also, simple sugars are sugars that the body can use directly, while complex sugars take along time to be broken down.

Are proteins bonded together resulting in simple sugars?

No. Sugars are carbohydrates.

What Starches are to simple sugars as proteins are to?

amino acids

What foods last the longest in your digestive system?

Lipids (fats & oils), as they have the most complex structure to break down. Simple sugars are the easiest, followed by complex sugars, then starch, then proteins, then lipids. It can take a few minutes to absorb simple sugars, a couple of hours for starch, 6 hours for proteins and 8 hrs or more for lipids. That's why low fat diets can make people go hungry.

Are proteins made up of chains of sugars?

No, protein is completely irrelevant to sugar. I think what you mean is Carbohydrates. A carb is basically a complex sugar, and when it is ingested your body breaks it down into simple sugars.

Carbohyrates are either simple or complex?

Yes. Complex carbohydrates are polymers, i.e. chains of simple sugars.

Is starch is present in sugarcane?

is starch present in sugarcane

What are the two Subgroups for carbohydrates?

Carbohydrate type molecules can be divided into two chief sub-classifications. These are simple and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are sugars, and complex can be healthy starches as found in vegetables.

Are sugars the monomers of lipids?

No, simple sugars are the monomers of polysaccharides, which includes complex sugars, starches, celluloses, lignins, etc.